4 Nifty Cat Breeds That Start With N


You’re probably familiar with common cat breeds like Siamese, Persian, and Maine Coon. But have you heard of the Norwegian Forest Cat or the Nebelung? There are a number of unique and rare cat breeds whose names start with the letter N. These unusual pedigrees have their own histories and characteristics that set them apart in the world of felines. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most intriguing cat breeds that begin with N and learn about their origins, physical features, and personalities that make them exceptional companions.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, fluffy cat breed that originated in Norway. They are thought to have descended from short-haired cats brought by Vikings to Norway over 1,000 years ago. Over time, they developed a thick, water-resistant coat that enabled them to survive the harsh Scandinavian winters. These cats lived as farm cats and were valued for their hunting skills in controlling rodents.

Norwegian Forest Cats typically weigh 10-16 pounds. They have a distinguishing triangular head shape and alert, expressive eyes that can be any color. Their coat is their most defining feature – it’s long and abundant with a wooly underlayer for insulation and a water-repellent outer layer. The coat comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Norwegian Forest Cats make affectionate, social pets that get along well with dogs and children. They are energetic and agile cats that love to climb and play. Their intelligence makes them easy to train. Overall, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a friendly yet independent breed that thrives as both indoor and outdoor cats.


The Nebelung is a rare domestic cat breed characterized by its long, silky blue fur and green eyes. This breed was developed in the United States in the 1980s and gets its name from the German word “Nebelung” meaning “creature of the mist”. It was bred to resemble the Russian Blue breed in body style but with a thick, shimmering medium-long coat.

Nebelungs have a distinctive double coat – a soft, dense undercoat topped with longer guard hairs. This creates a silvery blue sheen over the body, giving them a misty, mysterious look. They have long bodies, wedge-shaped heads, and medium-sized pointed ears. Their eyes are always a vivid green color. Nebelungs exhibit a calm, gentle temperament and thrive on routine and human companionship. They can be shy around strangers but bond closely with their families. Nebelungs enjoy playing with toys, lounging in cozy spots, and learning tricks through positive reinforcement. With their stunning blue coats and inquisitive personalities, the Nebelung makes a loyal and loving pet.

Napoleon Cat

The Napoleon Cat, also called Minuet Cat, is a newer breed developed in the 1990s to resemble in their short, stocky stature. To create this breed, breeders crossed Munchkin cats, known for their short legs, with Persian cats to achieve the desired look. Napoleon Cats have medium-long plush coats that can be various colors and patterns.

A Napoleon Cat’s most defining feature is its short, thick legs akin to a Corgi dog. Their rounded head, full cheeks, and wide-set eyes also contribute to that Napoleonic likeness. Napoleon Cats typically weigh between 5-9 pounds for females and 7-10 pounds for males as adults. Despite their small legs, they are active, playful cats that can run and climb. Their pleasant, easygoing personality makes them ideal family pets including for families with children or other pets. They thrive on human interaction and affection. The Napoleon Cat breed remains quite rare but is gaining popularity for its uniqueness and loyalty. With proper care, these cats can live 15 years or longer.

Neva Masquerade

The Neva Masquerade is a color variant of the Siberian cat breed distinguished by its striking facial markings reminiscent of a mask. It originated in Russia where cat fanciers bred Siberian cats to achieve a distinct colorpoint pattern and brilliant blue eyes. The name “Neva Masquerade” references the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Neva Masquerade cats have a base color of white or ivory with darker colorpoint markings on the face, ears, legs, and tail. Common colors are seal, blue, or chocolate points. Their signature feature is the dramatic mask-like shading on the face in contrast to the pale body, creating a masquerade effect. Neva Masquerades have medium-long, thick fur adapted for Russia’s frigid climate. Their eyes are an intense sapphire blue. Their signature feature is the dramatic mask-like shading on the face, often creating the appearance of a masquerade mask, which contrasts with their pale body.

Beneath their elegant exterior, Neva Masquerades exhibit typical Siberian cat personality traits – they are active, playful, loyal pets. Their intelligence makes training easy. While energetic, they are gentle cats that get along well with children and other pets. Grooming is important to prevent matting of their long fur. If you’re seeking a pedigreed cat with an extra dash of drama and mystery, the Neva Masquerade’s masked facade and stunning eyes never cease to captivate.


In summary, cat breeds beginning with the letter N comprise a diverse group, from the large Norwegian Forest Cat to the short-legged Napoleon Cat. While some have ancient origins as working farm cats, others are newer hybrids bred for their distinctive coats and facial features. These uncommon breeds make devoted, charming companions when provided with proper care matching their individual needs. For cat lovers seeking something beyond everyday tabbies, investigating the unique N breeds can lead you to find the perfect pedigreed cat soulmate.