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7 Toys For Cats That Like To Hunt

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Cats love to lie around all day basking in the sunshine. Underneath all of that cute fur though, is a wild killing machine with a sharp brain that is begging for some mental stimulation.

There are some toys for cats that like to hunt which are specifically designed to fulfill this natural instinct.

Unfortunately not all cats have access to a garden where they can get exercise and practice their predatory behavior. It is therefore important to provide your pet cat with enough mental and physical stimulation indoors to keep them happy.​

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​A great way to do this is to introduce them to fun toys. Such toys encourage natural behaviors like stalking, chasing and leaping in the air.

Using toys to play with your cat in the house is also an awesome way to develop a strong bond between you both.

It is also great fun for the family to watch your cat behaving like a small tiger.

Why Providing Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt is a Good Idea?

Cats are natural-born hunters with a strong prey drive. Although most cats that live indoors don’t have the means to express those instincts, they are still excellent hunters.

These indoor cats cannot express their deep-seated behaviors such as scratching, climbing and hunting. This may cause them to act out in other ways. The frustration and stress due to lack of proper mental and physical stimulation can lead to many behavioral problems.

In most cases, cats develop litter box issues, become aggressive or start spraying all over the house just because they don’t have anything to hunt.

However, it is very easy to enrich your cat’s environment and meet her hunting needs with play and toys. Keep in mind that when it comes to cats and hunting, certain toys do a better job. These will give your cat an ultimate hunting experience.

Best Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt

One way to fight boredom and potential behavioral problems is to pick the right interactive toy for your furry hunter. Toys listed below are made in a way to involve your cat in predatory play and fulfill her innate need for hunting.

Here are 7 best toys for cats that like to hunt. You should consider buying these to bring back to life your kitty’s natural hunting instincts.

1. GoCat Da Bird Rod & Feather Cat Toy

Rod and Feather Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt

Da Bird by GoCat is the ultimate cat teaser toy for cats that like to hunt. It may look like a simple cat toy with a rod and a feather attached to it just like other cat teasers on the market. The way that this teaser has been designed though is unique.

When you wave the flexible rod, the feather behaves like a real bird. The fluttering movements tap into the cat’s natural predator instincts making it irresistible for them.

Da Bird is a great way to exercise your indoor cats. 

It will entice them to leap over furniture, prowl around corners and pounce onto cushions.

Your home will become a fun assault course and you get to join in the fun, guiding your cat with ‘Da Bird‘ all over your house. The great thing about Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy is that it comes with extra feather attachments. Plus you can even buy replacements.

It’s okay to let your cat catch his prey and tear it to shreds once in a while when you can easily replace it with another!

There is a fun assortment of options to choose from. There are a variety of options to satisfy all cats that like to hunt. You are sure to find something that will spark your cat’s curiosity.

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2. Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder For Cats

Maze and Puzzle Feeder for Cats - Best Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt

In the wild, cats like to forage and hunt for their food. The award winning Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats by Cat Amazing offers an enriching simulated foraging experience for your domesticated little wildcat.

You will get to enjoy watching your kitty explore the toy, scratch, sniff and retrieve the treats hidden within it’s intricate structure.

Because cats are extremely clever, the toy offers three levels of difficulty.

 This means that your cat can continue to be challenged even after it has worked out what to do, pushing your cat’s intelligence to the limit.

You can make this toy even more enticing by adding your cat’s kibble. This has the added benefit of lengthening their mealtime and slowing greedy cats down a bit. Or you can add yummy treats, crinkle balls and other favorite toys.

You can even get involved yourself and add a cat teasing wand to poke in and out of the openings, making the game all the more exciting and unpredictable for any cat that likes to hunt.

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3. Catit Senses 2.0 Circuit

Play and Wave Circuit Toys for Cat That Like to Hunt

The Play and Wave Circuit by Catit is an awesome flat speed track. It’s transparent cover with peekaboo openings. This will make cats chase and paw at the ball as it irresistibly whizzes through the system.

The new and improved circuit is a whole ten inches longer than their original design.

So you can now experiment with more than one hundred different layouts.

Cats will never get bored because you can change the layout every single week. It’s just like giving giving them a brand new toy!

The play circuit is easy to clean. It has a fresh green and white color that looks classy in most homes. This is a great cat toy for young kittens that love to pounce and play. Even groups of older cats whose curiosities get the better of them, will enjoy this toy.

There is also an option to buy special illuminated balls. These light up at night and will tap into your cat’s night hunting instincts. You can buy add-on Catit products like the Grass Planter too.

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4. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

Interactive Cat Toys for Cat That Like to Hunt

The special feature of this Ambush Interactive Cat Toy by PetFusion it that, it has an electronic rotating feather. It brings a sense of unpredictability to your cat’s play activities.

Your cat will get to practice his ambush skills as he waits to pounce on the feather, not knowing which opening it will emerge from next.

The feather is controlled by a motor, which randomizes the speed of the toy and gives it a fast-paced feel. The LED lighting means that your cat can enjoy playing even at night when his natural hunting instincts really come to life.

The toy is designed to spark your cat’s curiosity and engage his concentration as he anticipates the appearance of the prey and prepares to catch it. Even if your cat is a super hunter do not fear. Because these feathers are also replaceable like Da Bird feather toy.

A 3-pack of replaceable feathers comes with the toy when you purchase it. If you need more you can also buy them here.

This ambush toy also promotes exercise. Your cat is able to leap and pounce around the toy coming at it from all angles in his attempt to hunt down his pesky prey. The anti-skid feet ensure it will remain sturdy even on smooth surfaces like tiles or hardwood floors.

The toy does take batteries and are included with your purchase. Battery life is extended with an 8 minute automatic shut-off feature. Even cats that love to play need to stop for a breather, don’t they?

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5. Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Robotic Cat Toy for Cats That Like to Hunt

This one was voted as the best cat toy by the American Pets Products Association. The Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic Cat Toy is a fun high-end cat toy that teams up as a great toy for kids to play with too!

The toy acts like a remote control car.

Your kids can control the robotic mouse with attached feather teaser by smartphone, leading your cat all over the house or garden.

There is also a feature to allow the toy to activate on autopilot for effortless kitty entertainment. When auto is activated the toy responds automatically to your cat’s movements making it a customized moving toy. You can also choose from three unique play strategies.

The great thing about it is that it works equally well on all surfaces, even high-pile carpet. It is also tough enough to stand up to the feistiest of hunters. So if you cats likes to hunt, this is surely the toy for them!

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6. Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats

Interactive Robotic Fish Toy for Cats That Like to Hunt

For little kitties that like to dip their paws into deep water hunting for big fish, this Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats by BlackHole Litter Mat is the perfect solution. All you have to do is add water to this colorful four-piece set to provide hours of fun for your little pro-fisher.

This is one of the few toys for cats that like to hunt which helps you introduce young kittens to water. This robotic fish toy makes it a fun activity, so that bath-time isn’t stressful for cats.

The robotic fish start moving as soon as they hit the water. The movements they make create curiosity and excitement for your cats. Anything that moves like a fish in water will trigger and stimulate your cats hunting instincts.

So they won’t be able to resist reaching into the water with their paw to try and fish one out. It will provide you and your family with plenty of fun as you watch your cat playing with the water.

The fish fins are designed to automatically activate on contact with water. They will stop working once taken out of the water which will save battery. The fish also have built in flashing LED lights to create even more interest for your cat. The lights are sure to keep your cat occupied.

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7. Playdot Cat Laser Toy

Laser Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt

Who doesn’t love playing with lasers? Lasers are such a brilliant concept for cat toys. Cats simply love lasers and will hunt that little red dot for hours.

Laser toys offer you the perfect opportunity to exercise your cat in the house as well. They rule out the risk of you getting scratched. You can point the laser away from you, or anything that might get knocked over.

Your cat can chase the laser safely around the house.

This Cat Laser Toy by Playdot is an updated and modern take on your basic handheld laser. It offers four modes of play, three of which operate without your input. This way you can sit back and leave your cat to it.

The fourth mode makes the laser handheld so that you can control where the laser moves and have some fun with your cat. The toy has batteries, which means it doesn’t need to be plugged in while playing sessions. This eliminates the risk of wires if your cat is a chewer. It will also prevent you from tripping over or getting tangled up.

This means that it is perfectly safe for kids to use too. So the whole family can have fun with your pet cats.

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Have Fun Playing With Your Cat!

This is a great selection of fun toys for cats that like to hunt for every budget. You are sure to find something here that will entice your pet cat to reveal his wild natural hunting behavior.

Cats that are given the opportunity to practice their natural instincts on a regular basis are much happier, and more content pets. So why not treat your kitty today? He will thank you for it.