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I always loved pets from a young age. In fact, I once brought home a stray puppy when I was seven years old and named him Spike (after the dog in Tom and Jerry cartoons).

However, we lived in a rented house back then, and things did not work out with our landlord regarding the dog.

Well, Spike wasn’t allowed to stay, and I had to let him go! I was sad but there was nothing I could do.

After a year or so, we moved to our own apartment. This was my opportunity to get a dog. But due to some unavoidable reasons, it could not happen either.

Then a few more years later, my friend gifted me two kittens.

Although now, after so many years, when I think about it, I understand that they were trying to get rid of them! Their house was full of cats, a good three generations of them!

Anyways, I just grabbed the kittens and ran home with them. I wasn’t going to let this slide by this time!

I somehow convinced my parents to let me keep them. At long last, I was happy! These cats were my first pets (that I got to keep at least!). Very first pets in our family in fact!

Hi. My name is Ajinkya and that’s me in the picture with my two cats.

But this happiness was short-lived. I still have a faint memory of that day.

I was mad at the kittens for fooling around with electrical sockets in our house. So, I kept them caged for a couple of hours to teach them a lesson.

And the very next day, I lost both of them. I searched around the area with my friends but could not find them. I never found out what happened to them. This happened about a month or so after I brought them home.

Some said they were stolen, while some said they must have run away. Some even said that they might’ve been ‘hurt’ by a dominant male cat in the area.

I felt very bad and was left heartbroken. I could not muster the courage to get any pets after that incident, even though I still very much wanted them.

Puppy Spike

Life went on. Then on our 2nd anniversary, my wife gifted me a German Shepherd puppy.

And that folks, changed everything for me! I named him Spike (of course!). That’s him in the picture.

My dream of owning a dog had finally come true! I’ve been pretty much a dog person since Spike came into our family.

Then one day, suddenly, my daughter asked if she could get a cat for her birthday. My son chimed in too. I said, ‘Why not?’. After all, this was my chance to experience the joy of owning cats again!

So, I did some basic research on different cat breeds to see which one best suited our lifestyle. I spent quite some time reading information about caring for cats, their grooming, their health, toys, etc. I wanted a breed that could get along with dogs.

Although we decided against getting a cat (for now!), I created The Dutiful Cat as a small side-project to document and share what I learned during my research.

Hi, I’m Nevena, and this is me with my cat, Bob.

Writer/ Contributor

Bob and I go a long way back, nine years to be exact! And while he is a big cat now he was barely two months old when I found and rescued him from the street.

You should know, Bob isn’t the only pet I have (he shares me with my two dogs, Teo and Leo). And while currently, it’s just him, Bob isn’t the only cat I ever owned.

Even when I was a little child I loved cats and dogs! My obsession went so far that I always picked strays and brought them home.

Sometimes I brought dogs too, but more often I brought cats.

Needless to say, I had many different cats growing up, some stayed for years, others a few days. For all of them I did what a child could do, give food, shelter, and lots of love and play.

This went on for years! But as I got older I realized that a cat needs more than these basic things to be happy and thrive. And looking at it now, I wish that I figured some things sooner.

Finding Bob changed things for me!

At this time, I already had Teo for a few years, but I really wanted to get a cat too and Bob didn’t disappoint.

He is everything that I ever wanted in a cat! Truth be told, he isn’t the cuddliest cat out there, but he is very smart and has that air of independence I always loved in cats.

While I lived with cats my entire life, I learned many new things during the past nine years!

And working with Ajinkya and writing for The Dutiful Cat gives me a chance to share that knowledge with you!

Together, we aim to grow this site into a useful online resource for new and experienced cat owners alike.

The Dutiful Cat