When you think about cat accessories and supplies the first thing that comes to your mind is a kitty sprawled in a luxury bed or one posing with a tiara. Right?

But that is not always the case. Cat supplies can be mainly of two types. The first ones are the bare essentials for your cat. The other one are the things you think will be great for your feline.

Although cats are low maintenance pets, they do need various accessories and supplies to live happy and healthy lives. So before bringing your new fluffy feline home, you will have to buy at least all the basic cat accessories and supplies.

Once your kitty has settled into her new home, you can start thinking of other ways to pamper her.

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Basic Cat Accessories and Supplies

Getting a new cat is one of the greatest things you will experience. But if this is your first time owning a cat, you are bound to be overwhelmed and a few things can easily slip your mind.

So here is the list of the must-have cat accessories and supplies in case you are thinking about bringing home a cat.

  • Food and Water Bowls: Always consider the size and the depth of the bowls. This is important so that your cat can eat and drink comfortably and without making a mess that you need to clean up.
  • Litter Box and Litter: The type of a litter box will depend on the age of your cat. Kittens need boxes with lower edges while adult cats need larger boxes with higher edges. Also consider getting a cat litter mat to prevent the litter from scattering all over.
  • Cat Bed: Consider your cat’s size and go with a bed that your cat will feel safe and comfortable in. You don’t want your cat to take up yours do you?
  • Scratching Post: This is a must if you want to save your furniture from scratch marks. Make sure that the post is stable and can support your cat’s weight.
  • Cat Carrier: Pick up a size appropriate carrier to transport your new kitty home. It can also be used to carry your cat around if you like to travel and are always on the move.
  • Toys: Now what pet does not like toys? Get different types of toys that will exercise and entertain your new cat. Make sure they are safe enough so that you don’t have to supervise your cat around them.

There are also some other important items like grooming supplies, food, collars, ID tags and microchip that you should get for your cat.

These are the essential accessories every cat (and their owner) needs for a well-balanced and happy life. The important thing is that they are functional, safe and meet the needs of a cat. It is up to you to find these items and this section will help you do just that!

Optional Cat Accessories ans Supplies to Consider

We can’t deny it, all cats are adorable. And like most owners, you know that your fluffy kitty is the cutest looking thing on the planet. Hence you feel the need to pamper your feline with everything that will make them look like a princess or a prince.

And there is no better thing than to treat them with cat accessories that look great. Some of the most fashionable items you can find for your cat include:

  • Clothes for cats
  • Cat tags and charms
  • Hats for cats
  • Cat bow ties
  • Cat stroller
  • Two story house
  • Hammock bed
  • Tiara
  • Wellness center
  • Pearl necklace

This list can go on and on. But you get the picture!

However, a cat will feel just the same sporting a designer tuxedo or no clothing at all. Ultimately, it is important that you equip your home with essential cat accessories first. Later you can figure out the ways to spoil your kitty with things that just look great.

There are a wide range of cat accessories that you simply can’t do without. And the information provided in this section will help you find the the right ones for your cat!

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