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All pets require a place they can call home. Fishes have their aquariums, birds and hamsters live in nice cages while dogs have their crates, beds, and kennels. So why would cats be any different?

To make your house a home for your feline, you will have to equip it with cat beds and furniture.

Are Cat Beds and Furniture Really Needed?

Cats on average sleep 16 hours a day. Hence, your cat will spend the better part of her days in a place where she sleeps. And choosing a comfortable cat bed can help your kitty get sound sleep and rest.

To many owners, cat furniture seems like a nice thing to have, but not a necessity. However, it is necessary for every cat to jump, climb, scratch and explore their surroundings in order to stay happy.

Cat furniture also gives your cat a chance to stay exercised indoors.

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What Kind of Beds and Furniture will Work for Your Cat?

All cats have their individual personality.So the thing that works for one feline might not work for another. But if that’s the case, how will you know what cat beds and furniture to get for your kitty?

Cats who like to curl and hide in tight spaces when they sleep will do best with cave cat beds. If the cat likes to stretch, your best bet is to pick a pillow bed or a mat bed to ensure the cat gets that cozy feeling.

When it comes to cat furniture, every cat should have a cat tree and a scratching post. These are designed to address your cat’s instinctual needs of climbing and scratching, and will keep her occupied.

Plus when provided with her own furniture, your cat won’t be tempted to get all over yours.

Top companies that make cozy cat beds and furniture for cats are Pet Fusion, Go Pet Club and Best Friends by Sheri.

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