Behavior & Training

Cats are fascinating creatures. But their behavior is sometimes hard to understand. Therefore, learning about cat behavior and training is a must for every cat owner.

Cats are independent animals. So, most people think they can’t be trained. But if that was the case, cats would just pee everywhere in the house and there would be no need for a litter box!

Learning About Cat Behavior and Training Helps

Understanding your cat’s behavior can help you understand her needs better. Cats act in certain ways to get their messages across. It is the duty of every owner to try to learn how to decipher them.

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Your cat will use body language and voice to let her needs be known. Failing to understand your cat’s behavior will cause her to be unhappy and develop behavioral issues, which would otherwise be easily avoidable.

It’s not that cats are hard to train. With a proper incentive you can train your cat to do just about anything. Using proper techniques and with patience, you can teach your cat to retrieve, play chase, give paw and do tricks.

Is Training a Cat Really Worth It?

Yes, it absolutely is! Just think about it. Your cat didn’t know how to use the litter box the first couple of times. And then you train her to use it properly eliminating the problem of cleaning cat pee altogether!

With the right techniques, you can teach your cat to stop peeing and spaying around the house or scratching your furniture.

The same way you can train your cat to walk on a leash or do tricks. Although, cats are harder to train than dogs, with consistency and positive reinforcements, you can train your cat like a pro.

The articles in this section will help you do just that. We have covered the topic of cat behavior and training to help you live happily with your cat.

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