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Best Blacklight For Finding Cat Urine Stains

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As a cat owner, you must be familiar with that strong and unpleasant smell of cat urine floating around your house. You can’t see it, but you know the pee stain is out there somewhere! So to help you out with this problem, let’s look at the best blacklight for finding cat urine stains around your house quickly and easily. We will also see how to find cat pee stains without a blacklight.

The UV light, commonly known as blacklight is an essential tool every cat owner needs! It will not only help you find cat urine, but also help you uncover feces, vomit and cat spray spots. Just get your hands on the best cat urine detector and shine it in a dark room.

Cat Spray Stop

Cat urine will glow yellow-green, making it super easy to see where exactly that unpleasant odor in the house is coming from. Once you spot it, you can use enzymatic cleaners to clean the area effectively.

To help you find the best blacklight for finding cat urine, we researched and compared many popular products on the market. Continue reading to find out which ones made it to our list of best cat urine detectors!

What is UV Blacklight?

Blacklight is also known as ultraviolet or UV light. Simply put, it’s a light with a higher frequency than visible violet light.

Blacklight is invisible to a human eye. But when it falls on certain substances, it emits a visible light. Due to this trait, invisible pee stains will shine fluorescent green or yellow under the blacklight.

Does Cat Urine Glow in the Dark?

Like any other bodily fluid, your cat’s urine will glow in the dark under the UV light. But do you know what makes cat’s pee glow when exposed to blacklight?

Urine, blood, feces, vomit and any other bodily fluids contain phosphorus and other substances which glow under the blacklight. When phosphorus comes into contact with oxygen it glows yellowish green.

Therefore cat pee stains become easily visible so that you can clean them asap!

Buying the Best Blacklight for Finding Cat Urine

Cat pee stains not only make your house smell bad, but also compel your cat to continue marking the same area over and over again. There are some programs like this one that can help you break this bad habit.

But in the meantime, it is really a shame to throw money on frequent carpet steam cleaning only because you weren’t able to locate and clean the stain properly in the first place.

Using the best blacklight for finding cat urine can help you stop to your cat’s inappropriate peeing behavior once and for all!

Here is what you need to look for while buying a blacklight specifically for finding pet urine stains.

Strength of the Light

When it comes to buying the best blacklight for finding cat urine, the strength and the type of the bulb is important. The strength of the UV light indicates how powerful the bulb is. The more powerful the bulb, the brighter your cat’s urine will glow and will be that much easier to find.

So, look for a blacklight with high powered LED lights.

Number of LED Lights

The number of individual bulbs your light has is also an important factor. Devices with more LED lights have stronger UV lightning and make urine stains clearly visible. Most blacklights feature anywhere from 50-100 LED lights within a single flashlight.

Although as few as 9-12 are sufficient for finding pee stains if they are powerful enough!

Light Wavelength

Most black lights come with the information about their wavelength. You will see LED lights with wavelength of 390 nm or 400 nm.

However these aren’t ideal for cat urine. You should look for a blacklight with wavelengths between 365 to 385 nm.

Goggles Included?

Prolong exposure to strong UV light can be bad for your eyes. If you have a bigger house, finding your cat’s pee stains will difinitely take more than a few minutes. So you should look for a deal that offers protective glasses as well.

Besides protecting your eyes from UV light, these will also let you to see the stains more clearly.

Best Blacklights for Finding Cat Urine Stains

As mentioned above, light wavelength is an important feature to look for while buying a blacklight for cat urine. The best cat urine detectors should have LED lights with wavelength between 365 to 385 nm.

Higher wavelengths will also work, but won’t make the pee stains glow as bright. Which means spending more time to find the urine stain. To find your cat’s pee stains quickly and easily consider buying one of the following UV flashlights!

1. McDOER Blacklight Flashlight

Best Blacklight for Finding Cat Urine from McDOER

With its high-beam intensity the McDOER Blacklight Flashlight promises to find anything fluorescent, like your cat’s old and new pee stains. It is powered by batteries and has a mind-blowing life expectancy of 100,000 hours.

This flashlight is made from rust-resistant aerospace aluminum. Which means that it is durable and help you find pee stains for a long time. And with it’s 100 LED lights, it will quickly shed some light on your cat’s bad habits!

The McDOER Blacklight Flashlight comes with 385-395 nm wavelength. While this isn’t ideal, this device will make urine and spray spots visible and help you clean them right away.

Overall, this blacklight performs great for all types of bodily fluids and is an essential tool if you want to find urine stains easily. While some customers state that this device didn’t work for them, keep in mind that the room needs to be completely dark in order for the UV light to work as intended.

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2. KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight

KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight for Cat Urine

If your cat is a repeated offender the KOBRA UV Black Light Flashlight is a device, you need to have. Due to its extreme power, you will no longer have to crawl over stinky carpets to pinpoint the pee stain’s location.

The 100 LED bulbs create a wide beam that will help you check your house and find urine stains in no time. This device has a wavelength strength in between 385 and 395 nm and will make both old and new urine stains glow visibly.

Besides shedding light on all of your cat’s accidents, this flashlight can also help you detect leaks and find scorpions. And if you are at any point unsatisfied with this flashlight’s performance, you are covered with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

According to the customers, this is the best blacklight for finding cat urine because it also works for finding vomit and feces. Due to high-power, the batteries don’t last long. But that is to be expected with such an efficient device.

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3. LIGHTFE UV Flashlight

LIGHTFE UV Flashlight for Finding Cat Urine Stains

The LIGHTFE UV Flashlight is a waterproof, lightweight and quality device that will help you find urine stains no matter how old they are. Unlike other blacklights, this one features one high-quality LG UV LED light.

This blacklight is powered by batteries and has a strong beam that will make stains easily visible. Hence, you won’t actually have to kneel on a soiled carpet or inhale the toxic pee odor where it is the strongest.

This device has a lifespan of 10,000 hours and a pen-like design so you can keep it close by at any time. Thanks to a wavelength of 365 nm, all of your cat’s offenses will glow bright and you will be able to find them fast and clean them properly.

The actual beam is smaller compared to other blacklights on the market. So it takes more time to sweep larger areas. On the other hand, it is a great tool to have thanks to it’s portability, ease of use and design.

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4. PeeDar UV Pet Urine Detector

PeeDar UV Pet Urine Detector - Best CLacklight for Finding Cat Urine

As its name suggests, the PeeDar UV Pet Urine Detector is made exclusively to detect invisible pet stains immediately. The optimized wavelength of 380-385 nm is more efficient at detecting cat urine stains making them glow brightly.

This device comes with a 21 LED lights. These may seem less, but remember that as few as 9 will also do the job. The great thing about this blacklight is that it comes with batteries. So you can start looking for pee stains as soon as you get it out of the box.

The PeeDar UV Pet Urine Detector is water resistant and can work for 5 hours non-stop, but hopefully, your cat didn’t make such a mess that you will have to. Like any other black light, the PeeDar works best in complete darkens, but you can also use it during the day with closed curtains.

If you buy this blacklight you will also get an Exclusive Expert Pet Behaviorist eBook that will help teach your cat to stop urinating outside the litter box. And wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of all your problems with just one purchase?

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5. uvBeast MIDI Black Light UV Flashlight

uvBeast Blacklight for Finding Cat Pee Spots

The uvBeast MIDI Black Light UV Flashlight is a high-intensity device that promises to find all urine stains without being bulky. It is powered by three batteries and has a run-time of approximately 12 to 14 hours before the batteries drain out.

The three intensity modes are an exclusive feature of this blacklight.

So, you can do a close-up, sweep the entire room, or work in the ambient light with a single flashlight. Just like having three devices in one!

The uvBeast has a 385-395 nm wavelength. And the powerful 68 LED lights will make even the nastiest stains glow. The great thing about uvBeast Flashlight is that it comes with special optic glasses. These provide enhanced viewing and protect your eyes from the UV light exposure.

While this blacklight is marketed to work even in the room light, customers noted that the urine stains don’t glow as bright. However, in a completely dark room, the uvBeast works like a beast and makes pee stains clearly visible.

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How to Use UV Blacklight to Find Cat Pee

Once you get your hands on the best blacklight for finding cat urine, it is time to investigate what your kitty was up to. If you never used a blacklight before, here are a few tips that can make this process easier for you.

To find cat pee quickly follow these steps:

  • Wait Until Evening: While you can draw all the curtains in the room, it is easier to wait until dark to use the UV light. When you are ready to start looking turn off all the lights in the room and all the adjacent rooms or hallways. Remember you need complete darkness, otherwise, you might miss the stains.
  • Suspicious Areas First: Locate the area where the pee smells the strongest and start from there. You might need to sweep back and forth for a while before you actually find the stain. To make the search even efficient, start searching near the area where you think your cat may have urinated and then work outward.
  • Look for a Glowing Yellow or Green Spot: When the UV light comes into contact with urine the stain should glow. Depending on the amount of urine there was, the stain may look like a puddle, spot, drips or splatter. Since other substances can glow under the blacklight as well, use the size and shape of the stain to determine if it is in fact cat pee.
  • Check Various Surfaces: Most cat owners make a mistake of cleaning the first stain they find and think the job’s done. Don’t assume that your job is done after you find the first pee stain. Cats sometimes pee on various surfaces. So move the light along the walls, furniture, curtains and all corners of the room.
  • Mark the Stain: It can be hard to remember the exact size and location of the stain, let alone few of them when the lights come back on. Thus, use a tape or chalk to mark the perimeter around the stain while you have the blacklight on. This way you won’t miss anything and will finally get rid of that nasty pee odor.

How to Find Cat Urine Without a Blacklight

Maybe you are waiting for your blacklight to arrive and your cat decided to pee somewhere in the house, again. Obviously, you can’t spend precious hours doing nothing!

While your options are limited, here is what you can do to find cat urine without a blacklight:

  • Sniff It Out: Desperate times call for desperate measures and you will actually need to rely on your nose to find the cat pee spots. Try to identify the room the smell is coming from first and then check all the usual places. Plants, corners, carpets and sofas are some of the places cats like to go the most. If you are lucky, some of them will be your crime scene. If not, continue sniffing until you find it!
  • Look for Stains: Obviously, this will work only if you have lighter furniture or carpets. Also, don’t forget to look under the furniture and on the walls. Puddles are an obvious sign that the cat is peeing in a certain area, and you will probably find some older stains there too.

So, You’ve Spotted the Cat Pee, Now What?

So, you used the best blacklight for finding cat urine and you found pee stains (usually more than one!), now what? Seeing all those stains can be shocking at first. But look on the bright side. Now you can finally clean all of them once and for all!

While you can use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or any number of cleaning products, nothing is really effective at removing pee stains as enzymatic cleaners. These products break down enzymes in your cat’s pee and get rid of the nasty smells permanently.

For the best results, spray the enzymatic cleaner on the pee stain and beyond its edges and let it sit for 20 minutes. After that time bloat any excess and let the area dry. If the smell is still after the area is dry, use your best cat urine detector and check the room again. Maybe you missed a pee stain during the first round!