Best Cat Dental Chew Toys for Hands-Free Oral Care

Brushing a cat’s teeth can be difficult because some cats just refuse to cooperate. A good solution in this case, is getting the best cat dental chew toys which will ensure that your cat enjoys gnawing on them and has clean teeth and fresh breath at the same time.
Best Cat Dental Chew Toys

You are probably well aware of the importance of regular cat dental care. But let’s be real. Many cats hate having their teeth brushed with a toothbrush. Using dental wipes can help, but some cat’s don’t like it either no matter how hard you try. In situations like these, trying out the best cat dental chew toys listed here is a good idea.

It’s not that just dogs need chew toys. Surprisingly many cats enjoy gnawing as well. Dental chew toys are designed to scrub off plaque and tartar deposits as the cat chews on them. Plus, if your cat likes to chew on your belongings, getting her a dental chew toy is a win-win situation.

But if your cat’s teeth are a little yellowish and her breath stinks, you are not doing a good job as a cat parent. And now is the time for you to get a dental chew toy that will not only keep her entertained but also keep her teeth clean.

Are Cat Dental Chew Toys a Necessity?

Dental disease is a real problem for both young and old cats. As many as 85% of cats have some form of dental disease by the age of three.

Yes, you read that right! But what most owners don’t realize, is that all of these problems are easily avoidable with proper and timely dental care.

If you find it hard to brush your cat’s teeth on a regular basis, investing in dental chew toys for cat is the best option. These toys are specifically designed to provide a mechanical scrubbing action similar to teeth brushing.

While it is true that cats, in general, aren’t obsessed with chewing like dogs are, some felines enjoy nibbling just as much. If that’s your cat, getting the best dental chew toys for cats will help with dental care.

Keep in mind though, dental chew toys will only work for cats who like to gnaw and nibble on things. If your cat isn’t a chewer you will have to look at other cat dental care products in order to care for her teeth.

Best Cat Dental Chew Toys: Buying Considerations

Searching for such toys is somewhat difficult. What you want is a toy your cat will be inclined to use. But at the same time, it needs to be strong enough to handle constant chewing and effective enough to provide adequate dental care.

When looking for cat dental chew toys consider the following things.

  • Durability: Cat dental chew toys should be tough and should be able to sustain regular abuse from your kitty’s teeth.
  • Cat-friendly features: Look for features that will encourage your cat to play or keep her interested longer. Toys filled with mint, catnip or silver vine are hard to resist and will get your cat into a teeth cleaning frenzy.
  • Promote dental health: Chewing on any type of toy will scrub your cat’s teeth. But the best cat dental chew toys are specifically designed to clean teeth and fight bad breath.
  • Design: Chew toys for cats teeth come in different shapes and designs. Consider your cat’s toy preferences in order to find an irresistible chew toy for her.
  • Versatility: Is the toy good only for chewing or your cat can pounce on it, wrestle it and kick it around? Such chew toys are more interesting and likely to be used regularly.
  • Made just for cats: There are just a handful dental chew toys for cats. Some manufacturers market toys designed for dogs as suitable for cats. Don’t be fooled by this ploy. Also check if the dental chew toy is specifically designed for cats.

Benefits of Dental Chew Toys for Cats

The most important benefit of dental chew toys for cats is the help they provide with your cat’s dental care routine. Proper dental care impacts your cat’s overall health and being proactive ensures that she stays happy, healthy and stress-free.

Listed below, are some other benefits of cat dental chew toys.

  1. Removes plaque and tartar: If not cleaned, plaque hardens into tartar which causes dental disease in cats. Chewing on these toys scrubs the surface of your cat’s teeth removing plaque and tartar deposits.
  2. Prevents bad breath: The bacteria buildup on the surface of your cat’s teeth causes foul smelling breath. Cat dental chew toys fight this bacteria resulting in a fresh breath and clean mouth.
  3. Keeps cats from chewing on inappropriate things: Some cats will chew on just about anything to fulfill their urges. This could be dangerous. These toys will keep your cat occupied and away from dangerous household items.
  4. Soothes teething kittens: Teething can be uncomfortable and painful for kittens. Chewing and biting helps relieve this discomfort. Providing dental chew toys for kittens is a great way to help with teething and start dental care early on.
  5. Keeps your cat entertained: All cats love to play and chewing on a toy will be a fun way for your cat to pass time. Furthermore, you can prevent boredom and destructive behavior in cats.
  6. Hassle free: These chew toys offer a hands-off approach to clean teeth. You can combine them with teeth brushing for even better results.

Best Cat Dental Chew Toys

You need a toy that is interesting enough to encourage your cat to chew on and also supports good dental health. Our list below has items that are specifically designed to clean and remove plaque and tartar and freshen your cat’s breath.

This list of best cat dental chew toys isn’t exhaustive, but you will surely get an idea of what to look for in such chew toys.

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toy

The Catnip Dental Chew Toy Set by Petstages is actually a set of two toys specifically designed for cats who like to chew.

These toys are filled with both regular catnip and fibrous catnip stalks that will satisfy your cat’s natural desire to crunch and chew. Due to the catnip filling these are hard to resist even if your cat isn’t a chewer.

Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair

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as of January 21, 2023 12:52 AM

The netting material might look flimsy. But in fact, it is durable enough and won’t come loose easily. The catnip filling and the netting promote dental health by stimulating gums and scraping off soft tartar from the teeth.

Petstages incorporated knotted streamers so your cat can also carry the toy around or bat at it. However, they can be gnawed off easily and a cat can swallow them accidentally.

Reviews suggest that cats enjoy chewing on these and the netting is effective in keeping their teeth clean. On the other hand, there are some cases where cats managed to rip the ribbons off completely.

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Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

The Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel has a colorful and enticing design that encourages nibbling. This product is designed to clean a cat’s teeth and is best suited for gentle chewers.

This toy features a semi-soft plastic wheel that has tiny spokes that help remove plaque from a cat’s teeth. Knotted ribbons also encourage chewing and help scrub the surface of the teeth. This product is made from non-toxic materials.

Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel Catnip Cat Toy

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Some cats were able to break off the plastic wheel though. Therefore, we advise you to supervise your cat while she chews on this toy.

Majority of the buyers noticed that their cats liked to chew on this toy and that it helped with the teething. However, some cats were able to break the plastic wheel and swallowed the pieces.

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Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

The Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick is designed to keep your cat’s teeth clean and also gets rid of bad breath. This product is filled with freshly dried mint to freshen your cat’s breath while she chews on it.

Since mint is in the same family as catnip, most cats love it. A netting material on the toy scrubs the surface of the teeth and helps remove soft tartar.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

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However, due to its small size, it might not be the best option if you have a large cat.

Reviews suggest that it is effective against bad breath in cats and cats love playing with it and chewing on it. There are some cases where cats weren’t interested and didn’t want to chew on this toy.

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Since your cat can’t take care of her dental health, it is your job to take things into your hands. The best cat dental chew toys listed above give you a chance to keep your cat’s teeth clean without much trouble.

Besides scrubbing plaque and tartar deposits off your cat’s teeth, these toys will keep your kitty engaged and active. For the optimal results, we advise you to combine these with regular teeth brushing and dental water additives for cats.

And remember, it is never too late to start practicing good cat dental care. So start doing it today!

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