Best Nail Caps For Cats Who Love To Scratch

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Cats make amazing pets. As much happiness and joy cats bring, there are a few frustrating characteristics about them as well. And those impressively sharp claws are one of them. Using nail caps for cats that checks the damage done due to scratching. We have also listed some of the best nail caps for cats that can save your day!

This article will provide you all the information you need about cat claw covers. Cats scratch for several different reasons. Scratching can be either instinctive or a normal behavior of the cat.

For example, scratching allows them to regenerate their claws into newer and healthier ones. It also helps them to mark their territory and to stretch their muscles.

However, cats enjoy scratching everything, and pretty much anything that stands in their way. This means that your sofas, curtains, carpets and even you, are at the risk of being scratched.

Many would say that the solution lies in declawing your cat. However, the better option is to use good quality nail caps for cats. The following paragraphs will help you learn about the best nail caps for cats and what they entail.

Why Are Nail Caps for Cats Necessary?

Cat nail caps are made up of silicone, vinyl or rubber covers that are glued over your cat’s claws. They establish a barrier between your cat’s sharp nails and any surface they touch. This way, your furniture or skin doesn’t get scratched.

However, the necessity of nail caps is relative because it depends on the kind of lifestyle you have. Also, the quality of your furniture and how much you care about potential damage from your cat’s claws can determine if nail caps are necessary.

If you like to splurge on home goods or if you leave your cat without supervision, nail caps would be a great option for you. Furthermore, if you have visitors regularly, or if you have small children in the family, cat claw caps are a safe solution.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind a few tears on your furniture (or on yourself!) you could forgo cat nail caps. If you don’t want to use nail caps and still want to avoid the above issues, investing in a cat scratcher would help.

But remember, getting a cat scratchers does not guarantee that your cat will stop scratching other stuff in the house.

Are Cat Nail Caps Safe?

The answer to whether cat claw caps are safe or not, depends on your cat and your efforts. In most cases, the answer is yes. But only if you take the right measures and follow the usage instructions accurately.

You don’t need to worry about using cat nail caps because:

  • Nail caps are made from safe materials: Cat claw caps are made of non toxic materials that do not damage your cat’s paws. Additionally, the glue that is used to stick to the nails is specially made to shed and degrade as the cat’s nails grow. So the cat nails can grow normally without causing pain to your cat.
  • Your cat can use its claws normally: Cat claw covers are also designed to not affect your cat’s daily life and habits. Having said that, using cat claw covers do limit the cat’s abilities to fully extend and retract their claws. But most cats get used to it over time.

However, there are risks that come with cat nail covers if not used properly. For example, if you don’t replace them by the set deadline, sweat and dirt can accumulate in the cat’s nail. This can lead to infections and, in the worst case scenario, the rotting of fingers.

Therefore, it is crucial for owners to take full responsibility and understand how to apply cat nail caps. This is important for the cat’s health and well being.

Is Using Nail Caps for Cats Humane?

If one were to compare declawing your cat versus cat nail caps in terms of ethics and cruelty, nail caps are the most humane option.

In fact, declawing has been often regarded as the cruelest thing to do your cat. It is a risky procedure and entails removing the claws, bones and cartilage.

Evidently, declawing is very painful, and deprives the cat of their necessities and dangerously affects their physical development. It also negatively affects their chances of defending themselves if they encounter another cat in the outdoors.

Cat nail covers are the most ethical and humane option because the safety and health of your cat comes first.

Best Nail Caps for Cats

If after reading the information above you feel like purchasing cat claw caps, here are a few of our recommendations based on affordability and quality. Our list isn’t comprehensive, but it will give you a better idea of what to look for in the best nail caps for cats.

Best Rubber Cat Claws

Rubber cat nail caps are soft to the touch and add more comfort to the cat as it walks and stretches. Their flexible properties also make it a little easier to put on.

Best Nail Caps For Cats From Soft Claws

1. Soft Claws Feline Nail Caps

Soft Claws offer a wide selection of rubber cat nail caps. You will be able to choose from three different sizes: small, medium or large to best suit your cat.

They offer many colors to select from that best fits your cat’s personality from flashy and luxurious sparkly golds, to natural and basic clear colors.

In addition to the nail covers, they come with a special and appropriate adhesive for cat’s claws and applicator tips for easy execution.

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Best Nail Caps For Cats From Dadiii

2. Dadii Cat Nail Caps

Dadiii cat nail caps are another respected brand that makes rubber caps. Their packs come with 120 nail covers in different colors and sizes for a reasonable price.

The glue in the pack is certified by the EU’s SGS environmental department, meaning that it is guaranteed to be extra safe for your cat. They also come with detailed instructions on how to apply them efficiently and correctly.

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Best Acrylic Cat Nail Caps

Acrylic cat claw covers are like ones made from rubber. The only difference between them are the texture and durability.

Acrylic is a harder material, so they are slightly more resistant than the ones made from rubber, but both are equally good options.

1. Soft Paws Cats

Soft Paws Cats is a company that has taken over the internet and has won over people’s hearts. The kit comes with nail caps, adhesive, and applicators that are made from non toxic materials.

The chemicals used in the glue become inactive when applied to the cap. This is great because if the cap is swallowed by mistake, the glue will not cause any damage in the cat’s digestive system.

Customer testimonials indicate that the cat forgets about the caps completely. This proves that cat nail caps don’t have any significant effect on the cat’s happiness.

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Best Cat Nail Caps From Kitty Caps

2. Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats

Kitty Caps is another business that sells high quality cat nail caps and their reviews show good experiences and results.

These have been praised for how the claw cap only covers the tip of the nail that is visible. This allows the cat more freedom and ability to retract and extract their nails as normal.

The caps come in different size and designs to fit each specific nail perfectly and to maximize the cat’s comfort and well-being.

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Cat Nail Caps Pros and Cons

Like with any product, cat claw covers have both advantages as disadvantages.

Main Benefits of Cat Nail Caps

  • Protects furniture: Cat nail caps will protect your furniture, upholstery, curtains and clothing from experiencing any sort of damage.
  • Keeps cat from scratching: Your visitors or any young children wanting to play with the cat would be safe and protected from getting scratched and bloody.
  • For nervous and anxious cats: If you travel and require a cat sitter to look after your cat, nail covers would work for cats who are nervous around strangers.
  • Safe and comfortable: If the nail caps are applied properly and are under constant observation and care, they will not present any kind of discomfort or pain.
  • Claws grow normally: Cat claw covers are carefully designed to facilitate normal claw growth inside the cap. Their instruction manuals come with the necessary information on their usage.
  • Aren’t permanent: Nail caps can also be used in the short run. They can be used for cats to get used to scratching on a scratching pole or toy rather than on the furniture. Once they are trained, you can simply remove the caps and see them choose the pole over other valuable items.
  • Safer than declawing: The biggest and most important advantage of nail caps is are the alternative to declawing. If your cat’s scratching is a true nuisance, opt for can claw covers instead of declawing every time.

Some Disadvantages of Cat Claw Caps

  • A cat can’t properly defend herself: The first disadvantage would be that cat claw caps would cover their sharp nails and make them vulnerable and less able to defend themselves.
    Due to this, it is highly recommended that you place cat nail caps on cats who live inside the house.
  • Limits climbing abilities: Although built to affect the cat’s performance as little as possible, cat nail caps do impose certain limits on cats’ capacities to climb and scratch.
  • Have to be checked regularly: They also require you to constantly check them and keep a close eye on how your cat’s nails and paws are reacting to the caps.
  • Every cat reacts differently: It is up to you to check your cat’s paws and nails and determine when it is time to substitute them with new nail caps.
  • Possibility of an infection: If you do not do the required upkeep of the cat claw caps, there is the risk of infection and undesirable consequences.
  • Need time to adjust: It takes some time for the cat to get used to them, which can make it difficult for them to walk.
  • Not biodegradable: You should consider this before purchasing cat nail caps. They are mainly made from plastic and are not biodegradable.

Problems and Solutions

There are few problems when using cat nail caps but if you do happen to encounter some, there are solutions.

One of the most common problems cat owners have is the nail caps falling off. This is very normal as cat’s grooming and scratching will affect how long the cap stays on. This is nothing to worry about. Simply put a new one in!

Nail caps tend to all off on their own as your cat’s claws grow. However, in some cases they don’t fall off even after six weeks. If this happens, you’ll need to trim the tip of the nail cap to break the adhesive. Then you can remove the caps easily.

Cats can get too anxious about getting the nail covers on. There are several things you can in this case so you don’t end up getting scratched.

Try to calm him down by patting its back or rubbing its head. Once you are done, feed your cat her favorite treat as a reward for good behavior so that she won’t be scared next time.

A Final Word

Cat claw covers are a great solution for naughty cats who like to scratch things they’re not supposed to. Hopefully, this article has helped you in choosing the best cat nail caps.

Using nail caps will not only make life easier for you but for your cats as well. They are safe to use and will create a household free of scratch marks and full of comfort and happiness.