Does Ammonia Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Many cat owners struggle to find the best cleaner for urine stains and spraying. Ammonia is a popular cleaner. But will ammonia get rid of cat urine smell? And if not, then which cleaners do work best? Learn all about ammonia and other cleaners and which ones work best on stubborn urine stains!
Does Ammonia Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Many people search far and wide for something to get rid of the smell of cat urine in their homes. One product they often look at is ammonia. But does ammonia remove cat urine odor?

Even though ammonia is a cheap and easy option for many household cleaning tasks, in this case, it’s more likely to make the problem worse. Cat urine can smell quite strongly of ammonia because it actually contains it!

When the cat’s metabolism breaks down urea, ammonia is a by-product that is released in their urine. This is what gives cat urine its strong and distinctive odor.

Does Ammonia Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Trying to use ammonia to get rid of a cat urine smell may make your house smell more like cat pee. Since they are so similar, will ammonia get rid of cat urine smell?

Unfortunately, not only can using ammonia make your house smell more like cat pee to visitors, it can fool cats too and cause them to mark! Both of these things will result more cat urine smell, rather than getting rid of it!

Many owners who clean using ammonia report that cats often start urinating outside of their litter box. This is because they smell the traces of the ammonia cleaning solution left behind and think it’s alright to mark since it smells like their urine!

There are many cleaning solutions other than ammonia. These will effectively get rid of the smell of cat pee without creating more of a urine smell throughout your house. Ammonia can also irritate the airways of both cats and humans can cause poisoning.

Read our article on the symptoms of ammonia poisoning from cat urine to understand the seriousness of ammonia poisoning.

So an alternative cleaner for cat pee may be beneficial in other ways as well!

If Ammonia Will Not Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell, What Will?

Don’t get discouraged though! Sometimes it seems like it’s impossible to get rid of cat urine stains and smells. Even though ammonia doesn’t really work to rid your home of cat urine smell, there are many different products that will do the job!

Look for:

These products are effective and will work on old stains and fresh accidents. Best of all, they won’t enhance the smell of cat pee the way ammonia will since they don’t contain the same compounds as urine.

Enzyme cleaners do an especially good job with getting rid of every trace of urine and are the holy grail of urine cleaners. If you have a lot of stains or a cat that habitually goes outside of its litter box, then an enzyme cleaner will probably give you the best results.


So does ammonia remove cat urine odor? The answer is ‘No’, it does not.

Not only will it make your house smell more like cat urine, but it can even cause your cat to pee in different places in the house since cat urine contains ammonia. Smelling ammonia in different places will make the cat think these places are good bathrooms outside of their litter box.

For the sake of your house and furniture, it’s best to steer clear of ammonia as a cleaning solution. Instead, select another type of cleaning product. Luckily there are many other great products on the market that can fulfill the task that many try and fail to accomplish with ammonia.

Trying an enzyme cleaner, peroxide cleaner, baking soda cleaner or vinegar cleaner will give you better results and help you come home to a fresher smelling house and less marking or urine accidents.

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