Food & Nutrition

As a cat owner, the most important decision you are going to make is about cat food and nutrition. A cat’s diet can impact her overall well-being.

Cats are born carnivores. This means that their food needs to be high in proteins. So the basic nutritional needs of a cat should be met. If not, she can suffer from nutrient deficiency and develop various health problems.

Ideal Food and Nutrition for Your Cat

All cats have the same basic nutritional needs. But again, all cats are different when it comes to their favorite type of food.

Providing proper cat food and nutrition are of the utmost importance. It is your job to figure out what your cat likes to eat and tweak her diet accordingly.

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You should also consider your cat’s age, activity level and any preexisting health conditions before deciding on a diet. For example, spayed/neutered cats tend to eat more than they really need and should eat low-calorie food.

Is it Worth Buying Expensive Cat Foods?

This is a tough question to answer since nowadays, the price no longer reflects the quality of any product. However, paying a bit more for your cat’s food may help you keep your cat healthy and save on the vet bills in the long run.

Just avoid brands that use fillers, additives and preservatives regardless of the price point. Also, before you buy, make sure to check the label for ingredients. Make sure the food is nutrient rich and is suitable for your cat.

Top brands that produce balanced cat food are Hill’s Science Diet, Purina, Nutro and Blue Buffalo.

To make your task easier, we have reviewed several cat foods that provide proper nutrition to keep your cat healthy and happy. You can also find other articles with valuable information on cat food and nutrition.

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