Getting to Know the 10 Cat Breeds That Start With B

The diverse world of cat breeds contains so many beautiful varieties that start with the letter B. From the sleek Bombay to the fluffy British Longhair, B-name breeds showcase a range of appearances and personalities. In this article, we will explore over 10 of these marvelous B-name breeds, appreciating what makes each of them special.


With its striking Siamese-style point coloration and gorgeous plumed tail, the Balinese certainly earns its nickname as the “longhaired Siamese”. In fact, the Balinese emerged from a longhaired mutation in Siamese cat breeding in the early 20th century. Their bodies are long, lithe, and graceful with medium-long silky fur.

Beyond their elegance, Balinese cats have characteristically Siamese energetic, social personalities. They are highly intelligent and communicative, using vocal tones to express their needs and opinions. Balinese thrive when they can be involved in family activities. While demanding of attention, they reward their loved ones with extreme devotion.


  • Lifespan: 9-15 years
  • Personality: Intelligent, energetic, social, and very vocal. Demands interaction. Bonds intensely with family.
  • Coat: Medium-long silky coat. Minimal shedding. Colors limited to Siamese-style points.
  • Size: Medium, 5-10 lbs. Graceful, lithe, long foreign body type.

With its silk-like fur and expressive nature, the striking Balinese makes a marvelous yet demanding companion.

Fun Fact:

Unlike many longhaired breeds, Balinese have a single coat with minimal undercoat which minimizes shedding.


A true dwarf cat breed, the Bambino’s short legs and compact body make it stand out from other felines. Bambinos were first purposely bred in the early 2000s by crossing Munchkin cats with Sphynx to yield a hairless short-legged breed. Later crosses with rex breeds led to the Bambino having a short plush coat. These cats come in many colors and patterns.

Despite their small size, Bambinos have energetic, lively personalities. They love climbing, jumping, andanything active. Bambinos form close bonds with their families and thrive on attention and playtime. For those seeking a miniature cat with maximum personality, the Bambino delivers.


  • Lifespan: 9-14 years
  • Personality: Playful, energetic, outgoing. Seeks attention and interactive play. Very bonded with family.
  • Coat: Short, plush, velvety coat. Minimal grooming required.
  • Size: Very small, just 4-9 lbs. Short legs with compact body.

Fun Fact:

The name Bambino comes from an Italian word meaning “baby” which suits this breed’s tiny kitten-like proportions.


With its vivid spotted or marbled coat and muscular build, the Bengal’s wildcat essence is undeniable. Derived from crossing Asian Leopard Cats with domestic shorthairs, Bengals retain their wild ancestor’s strong-willed, energetic personality. A Bengal’s richly-colored and patterned pelt requires no extra grooming.

This is one of the most intelligent and athletic cat breeds, capable of impressive leaps and bounds. Bengals thrive when provided challenging physical and mental stimulation through play and interaction. Though demanding, Bengals form remarkably strong bonds with their families.


  • Lifespan: 10-16 years
  • Personality: Intelligent, energetic, acrobatic, and strong-willed. Seeks constant stimulation. Bonds deeply with family.
  • Coat: Short, sleek, vividly spotted/marbled coat. Very low maintenance.
  • Size: Medium-large, 10-25 lbs. Muscular and athletic foreign body.

With proper enrichment, the wild at heart Bengal makes a wonderfully entertaining, devoted companion animal.

Fun Fact:

Early generation Bengals retain more wildcat traits, while later generations have more domestic cat temperament and coat patterns.


Recognized by its striking blue eyes, golden-white “socks”, and semi-long silky fur, the Birman cuts an elegant figure. Originating centuries ago as temple cats in Burma, Birmans today retain their regal yet charming personality. Their bodies are medium in size with substantial boning and Roman-shaped noses.

Birmans have sweet, gentle dispositions that combine playfulness with tranquility. They thrive on stability and prefer a calm environment with regular human interaction. Birmans make exceptionally loving therapy cats as they seem attuned to human emotions. Despite their dignified air, Birmans love silly play with their special people.


  • Lifespan: 9-15 years
  • Personality: Gentle, calm yet playful. Exceptionally sweet nature. Thrives on stability and human companionship.
  • Coat: Medium-long silky coat, minimal shedding. Requires weekly brushing. Point colors.
  • Size: Medium-large, 7-12 lbs. Substantially boned, muscular foreign type.

For those seeking a breed that combines regal elegance with sweet devotion, the Birman delivers everything desired in a feline companion.

Fun Fact:

The Birman’s white “gloves” on each paw are a key characteristic of the breed, and required for show cats.


With its jet-black satin coat and vibrant yellow eyes, the Bombay certainly captures attention. In fact, the Bombay was bred to recreate the look of miniature black panthers. An American breed created in the 1950s, Bombays combine Burmese and American Shorthair lineage. Beyond coat color, Bombays have a medium build, rounded heads, and a muscular, athletic appearance.

Bombay personalities match their striking look. They tend to be lively, social, and energetic cats devoted to their families. Despite seeming aloof around strangers, Bombays shower their preferred people with extreme affection. This breed needs interactive play and environmental enrichment to stay happy and thrive.


  • Lifespan: 12-16 years
  • Personality: Affectionate and attached to family, can be wary around strangers. Lively, energetic, and needs interactive play.
  • Coat: Short, satin-like dense black coat. Minimal shedding.
  • Size: Medium-sized, 6-11 lbs. Muscular body type.

For those seeking a mini panther to call their own, the Bombay delivers sleek good looks paired with lively devotion.

Fun Fact:

Unlike black cats of other breeds, Bombay cats actually have black skin and pads instead of darker pigment on top of pink.

Brazilian Shorthair

As the only recognized breed native to Brazil, the Brazilian Shorthair is a newer breed gaining international popularity. Brazilian Shorthairs resemble miniature versions of American Shorthairs with their muscular bodies and broad heads. This breed comes in over 80 colors and patterns but silver spotted is most prized.

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits ...

Personality-wise, Brazilian Shorthairs combine high energy with extreme affection towards family. They are intelligent, playful cats that bond deeply to their preferred people. Brazilian Shorthairs thrive when provided interactive play and environmental stimulation. But they always have time to cuddle with loved ones too.


  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Personality: Playful, energetic, exceptionally affectionate and attached to family. Intelligent and needs interactive play/toys.
  • Coat: Short dense coat, sheds seasonally. Comes in all colors, silver spotted most prized.
  • Size: Small to medium, 5-8 lbs. Muscular, athletic build.

This petite yet vibrant breed makes the perfect little companion for those seeking a loving four-legged friend.

Fun Fact:

The Brazilian Shorthair remains extremely rare outside Brazil, as international exports were only allowed starting in the 2000s.

British Longhair

If a round teddy bear-like face appeals to you, the British Longhair is sure to delight. As a longer-haired version of the British Shorthair, British Longhairs have substantial bone structure and a dense semi-long coat. Their round eyes and cheeks give them a perpetually sweet expression. This breed comes in all classic and pointed colors and patterns.

The British Longhair personality perfectly matches their cuddly appearance. They are easygoing, gentle cats that thrive on stability and human companionship. British Longhairs are not overly demanding but they do require daily brushing to minimize mats and tangles. In return, they reward their people with extreme devotion.


  • Lifespan: 14-20 years
  • Personality: Calm, gentle, thrives on routine. Devoted and loving with family. Laidback and not very vocal.
  • Coat: Dense, semi-long coat in all colors/patterns. Requires daily brushing.
  • Size: Medium to large, 11-18 lbs. Heavily boned, rounded, substantial build.

For those seeking a supremely cuddly yet low maintenance feline companion, British Longhairs make perfect devoted companions.

Fun Fact:

British Longhairs are predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so should be screened by a vet before breeding.

British Shorthair

Hailing from Britain, the British Shorthair brings to mind a classic English gentleman. Their semi-cobby bodies are surrounded by thick, dense fur that’s adaptively plush against the English climate. British Shorthairs have round faces with big eyes and prominent cheeks. This breed comes in all possible coat colors and patterns.

The British Shorthair personality reflects their dignified appearance. They are easygoing, intelligent cats that form close bonds with their families. While appreciating quiet time, British Shorthairs do enjoy interactive play once warmed up. Overall, they are adaptable cats thriving as both calm lap cats and skilled hunters.


  • Lifespan: 14-20 years
  • Personality: Calm, intelligent, adaptable. Devoted to family. Somewhat reserved but enjoys play when warmed up.
  • Coat: Short, very dense coat. Minimal shedding. All colors and patterns accepted.
  • Size: Medium-large, 7-20 lbs. Females generally smaller.

For those seeking a sturdy, steadfast yet reserved breed, the British Shorthair is a perfect fit.

Fun Fact:

British Shorthairs almost became extinct during World War II until American breeders helped re-establish the breed by importing UK cats.


With its sleek, silky coat and elegant yet muscular build, the Burmese is a captivating breed inside and out. Believed to originate in Thailand (then Siam) centuries ago, Burmese became established as ideal pets through selective breeding. This breed is recognized by its glowing, bright eyes and sable brown coat.

Beyond their beauty, Burmese have dynamic, charming personalities. They are extremely social cats devoted to their families. Burmese cats love being involved in everything and will follow their people from room to room. While demanding of attention, Burmese reward their loved ones with extreme affection.


  • Lifespan: 10-16 years
  • Personality: Charming, extremely affectionate and attached to family. Demands human interaction and companionship.
  • Coat: Short, silky coat in rich sable brown. Occasionally other colors.
  • Size: Medium, 6-10 lbs. Muscular foreign type build.

With its devotion to family yet elegant grace, the Burmese makes a marvelous companion for people who enjoy an outgoing, smart feline friend.

Fun Fact:

In Thai, “Burmese” translates to “Copper Color”, referring to the breed’s signature glossy brown coat.


As a breed created from crossing Chinchillas with Burmese cats, the Burmilla certainly inherits the stunning looks of its parent breeds. Burmillas exhibit shimmery silver coats decorated by darker tipping along the hair shafts. This contrast creates an eye-catching yet soft-toned appearance.

Beyond its beauty, the Burmilla also inherits the lively yet gentle personality found in both Chinchillas and Burmese. They are playful, intelligent cats that enjoy learning tricks and playing with toys. Despite their energy, Burmillas remain gentle, loving pets that enjoy spending downtime snuggling with their families.


  • Lifespan: 12-16 years
  • Personality: Intelligent, gentle, playful yet enjoy affection. Devoted but not overly demanding.
  • Coat: Semi-long shimmery silver coat tipped in contrasting darker color. Minimal grooming required.
  • Size: Medium, 6-9 lbs. Muscular yet elegant build.

With its glamorous coat and sweet personality, the Burmilla excels as both a beautiful cat to admire and affectionate family companion.

Fun Fact:

The breed was first created in the UK in the 1980s by crossing Chinchillas with lilac Burmese cats to produce a silver-toned hybrid.

From the sleek Bombay to the fluffy British Longhair, cat breeds starting with B showcase delightful diversity in coat, build, and personality. Yet they share devotion and affection for their families when cared for properly. There is truly a “B” breed for every feline fan!