How to Stop a Cat From Peeing on the Couch? 9 Simple Tips

Want to know how to stop a cat from peeing on the couch? Cleaning cat pee from the couch can be a tiresome job. With the help of the easy to follow tricks mentioned in this article, you can end your cat’s habit of inappropriate peeing. So get ready to sit on your smell free couch once again!
How To Stop A Cat From Peeing On The Couch?

Is your home covered in pungent cat pee smell? Are you tired of spending time and money on cleaning cat pee off your couch? The only permanent solution is to learn how to stop a cat from peeing on the couch.

A cat can stop using its litter box and start peeing on the sofa for no obvious reason. However, inappropriate urination is one of the most common behavioral issues seen in cats.

Cleaning cat pee stains and removing pee odor from the couch is a tiresome endeavor. Furthermore, there are no quarantines that your cat won’t pee on the couch again after you have cleaned it.

Learn how to stop a cat from peeing on the couch to avoid falling into the endless cleaning circle.

Why Do Cats Pee on the Couch?

It is important to understand that a cat who pees on the couch isn’t purposely being naughty or acting out of revenge. There are legitimate reasons behind this unwanted cat behavior and they require your immediate attention.

So, if you have wondered why your cat pees on couch when you leave her alone, just know that she isn’t doing it on purpose. Here are a few reasons that may be causing the cat to behave this way.

  • It can be a sign of medical issues with the cat.
  • Peeing in high places, might be making the cat feel safer.
  • There might be some issues with the litter box or use of wrong cat litter.
  • Peeing on the couch may be a sign of separation anxiety.
  • A cat that isn’t properly introduced to other household pets can start urinating on the couch.

How to Stop a Cat from Peeing on the Couch?

You will have to figure out why your cat is peeing on the couch in order to solve this problem permanently. Programs like this one, are designed to help the cat owners resolve behavioral issues in cats that result in inappropriate urination.

In addition, we’ve listed below some tips on how to stop a cat from peeing on the couch.

Tip 1: Rule Out Any Medical Issues

Any time a cat exhibits a change in her behavior, it is wise to take her to a vet for an exam. Urinary tract infection, diabetes and arthritis are just a few of many ailments that can cause a cat to avoid using the litter box and pee uncontrollably.

Therefore, before you turn to any other solution, make sure your cat isn’t suffering from any health issues.

Tip 2: Keep the Litter Box Clean

Cats are peculiar about their bathroom hygiene and have high standards regarding the cleanliness of the litter box. A cat will start peeing on the couch (or in any other area of the house for that matter), if she feels that the litter box isn’t clean enough.

Therefore, get a clumping cat litter and scoop the pee and poop at least once a day.

Tip 3: Using Mouthwash to Discourage a Cat from Peeing on the Sofa

One of the tricks you can try to stop a cat from peeing on the couch, is to spray the sofa with mouthwash. Cats don’t like the menthol smell and the mouthwash serves as an excellent repellent.

In order for this to work, you will have to clean the couch of any previous peeing accidents and dry it completely. After that fill the spraying bottle with mouthwash and spray it all over the couch.

If you notice that the menthol smell is fading, repeat the process until your cat starts using her litter box again.

Tip 4: Clean the Couch with an Enzymatic Cleaner

Cats are drawn by the smell of their pee. Therefore, your cat will continue peeing on the couch until you eliminate the smell of cat urine completely.

Enzymatic cleaners are designed to lock in pee stains and odors effectively. Thus, preventing your cat from peeing on the sofa any longer.

Tip 5: Cover the Couch with a Foil Blanket

Covering your couch with a foil blanket or waterproof materials isn’t a long-term solution. Still, it works if you are short on time.

Cats hate the feel and the sound their paws make when walking on the foil. Thus, you can cover the couch with a foil blanket overnight and rest assured that your cat won’t come near it.

Tip 6: Apply Sticky Tapes on Your Couch

Double sided sticky tapes are usually used to deter cats from scratching furniture, but they can also stop your cat from peeing on the couch.

Apply sticky tapes on the edges of your couch and spots your cat likes peeing the most. Cats don’t like the sensation of the sticky tape on their paws and will stay away from the couch.

Tip 7: Play with Your Cat Near the Litter Box

If a cat ever has troubles urinating inside the litter box, she may blame the box for her problems. If that’s the case, playing with your cat will help her get over the negative associations.

Use a feather teaser and your cat’s favorite toys to play with her near the litter box couple of times a day.

Tip 8: Feed Your Cat on the Couch

Cats don’t like eating and peeing in the same space. Therefore, feeding your cat on the couch can stop her from peeing on it.

Use your kitty’s favorite wet cat food and start giving her meals near the peeing spots. Do this a few times a day for a couple of days to get your cat using the litter box again.

Tip 9: Plug in a Diffuser Near Your Couch

If your cat peeing on the couch is the result of stress, you should try the Feliway diffuser. It works by releasing the feline pheromones in the air making your cat feel happy and relaxed.

This is an effective way to stop a cat from peeing on the couch and the results are almost instant.

Closing Thoughts

Living in a house that smells of cat pee, and dealing with a cat that doesn’t use a litter box, can be an overwhelming experience. The tips listed above on how to stop a cat from peeing on the couch, can help you get your cat using the litter box again.

Cleaning cat pee stains again and again, or buying a new couch every couple of months isn’t a long-term solution. Therefore, you need to figure out the underlying reason why your cat keeps peeing on the couch.

The Cat Spraying No More System can help you with that. Filled with simple tips, it has helped thousands of owners stop their cats from inappropriate urination and spraying.

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