Just 2 Cat Breeds Start With L, Yet So Lovable


There are some fascinating cat breeds in the feline world that start with the letter L. These unique breeds have distinctive looks, personalities, and characteristics that make them stand out. Let’s explore a few of the most popular L-name cat breeds that any cat enthusiast would delight in.


The LaPerm, a name that hints at its curly coat reminiscent of a ‘permanent’ hairstyle, is one of the only cat breeds to have a naturally curly coat. The LaPerm originated as a spontaneous genetic mutation in the 1980s in Oregon, USA. The breed founder, Linda Koehl, discovered the curly coated kittens born to one of her straight-coated barn cats. She was intrigued by their unique wavy coats and worked to establish the breeding program for this new variety.

Today’s LaPerms have a medium-sized body covered in soft, loose curls or waves. The coat can range from tight ringlets to looser bottleneck curls over the entire body. This curly coat is caused by a dominant gene mutation that creates a natural “perm” effect in the fur. LaPerms come in many colors and patterns like tabby, calico, tortoiseshell, and even the pointed pattern of the Siamese.


  • Lifespan: 12-16 years
  • Personality: Active, intelligent, playful, affectionate. Enjoy engaging with families.
  • Coat: Naturally curly or wavy, soft curls over entire body. Minimal shedding.
  • Size: Medium, 6-10 lbs. Muscular, semi-foreign body type.

The personality of the LaPerm matches their unique look. They are lively, intelligent, and very people-oriented. LaPerms form strong bonds with their families and want to be involved in everything. They are active cats that love games, learning tricks, and playing fetch. Their outgoing nature also makes them great lap cats who thrive on attention and interaction.

Fun Fact:

In 1987, LaPerms were almost wiped out when a severe barn fire killed all but two curly-coated cats. The breeding program had to be restarted from scratch.


With their unusual partial hair coat, the Lykoi certainly stands out for their werewolf-like appearance. The breed, while traced back earlier, started gaining recognition around 2011 due to natural mutations in feral domestic shorthair cats that caused the sparse coat pattern. Breeders worked to develop the Lykoi by selectively breeding cats that showed this mutation.

The Lykoi’s most distinctive feature is their partial coat pattern. While they are most recognized for their black color, Lykois can also be seen in other colors. Their coat is sparse enough to see the skin underneath in areas like the face, legs, underside, and tail. This unique mutation causes hair follicles to be underdeveloped in certain parts of the body. The name Lykoi even means “wolf” in Greek, referring to their wolf-like looks.

Beyond their unusual looks, Lykois have an intelligent, lively personality. They can be cautious around strangers at first but are very loyal and affectionate with their families. The Lykoi loves to play games and learn tricks. They are clever cats that can even be taught to walk on a leash.


  • Lifespan: Unknown, expected to be average
  • Personality: Intelligent, playful, cautious around strangers but affectionate with family
  • Coat: Partial coat of black hair, sparse on face, legs, underside, and tail
  • Size: Medium, 6-10 lbs. Sturdy, muscular build.

Fun Fact:

The gene causing the Lykoi’s partial hair growth is called the ‘natural mutant’ gene. It causes underdeveloped hair follicles in certain areas of the skin.

The LaPerm with its curly coat and the werewolf-like Lykoi both stand out in the feline world. With their vibrant personalities, these L-name breeds are captivating companions sure to delight cat enthusiasts.