Shocking List of 333 Names for Your CAT(s)!!!

Looking for the purrfect name for your new feline friend? Here’s an extended list of, Top 15 Popular Male Cat Names & Their Meaningssomehow if you missed out.

Finding the right moniker for your kitty can be quite the challenge. After all, a cat’s name becomes a big part of their identity. You’ll be saying it countless times during your years together – while giving pets, calling them for dinner, and introducing them to friends. The name needs to fit their personality and appearance, plus have a nice ring to it when called out loud.

Don’t get your whiskers in a twist, friend. Coming up with the ideal cat name can be fun! To help inspire you, I’ve compiled a list of 333, 333!!!! Three hundred and thirty three!!!!! Options to consider. From cute and quirky to classic and refined, you’re sure to find the perfect pick for your furry companion.

Cat Name Meaning
Ajax A strong and heroic name for a bold cat
Alaska Named after the vast and majestic state of Alaska
Alice An elegant and noble name for a regal female cat
Allie A sweet nickname for a cat who is noble and kind
Amber Named after the warm golden jewel, perfect for a cat with amber eyes
Amelia A name meaning hardworking and industrious, fitting for a busy cat
Angel A heavenly name for a sweet and angelic cat
Anna A lovely classic name meaning gracious and delightful
Annie A cute variation of Anna, meaning gracious and charming
Apollo Named for the Greek and Roman god of the sun and light
Ash A strong name after the sturdy ash tree for a solid gray cat
Athena Named for the wise Greek goddess, perfect for an intelligent cat
Baby A cute name to call a new kitten or tiny cat who’s like a baby
Bagheera Named for the sly black panther from The Jungle Book
Bailey From the courtyard within castle walls, fitting for a pampered cat
Bandit An outlaw name for an adventurous and mischievous cat
Baxter Derived from baker, perfect for a cat who loves treats
Bear A name meaning a large, powerful mammal like the bear
Bella Meaning beautiful, a lovely name for a delightful female cat
Benny A cute name for a cat who’s playful like a small child
Bentley From the coarse grass meadows, fitting for an outdoors cat
Betty A classic name meaning God’s promise, good for a devout cat
Binx A mystical name meaning a conjurer or one who casts spells
Biscuit A cute name inspired by the cat’s favorite treat, biscuits
Blaze A fiery name for a cat with a bright flame-colored coat
Blizzard An icy name fitting for a cat with a snowy white coat
Blondie A fun name for a cat with light blondish fur
Blossom A floral name for a cat who blossoms with beauty
Bob For a cat with bright fame thanks to his charming personality
Bomber A strong name for a rough and tumble cat who goes all out
Boots A fun name inspired by a pair of little boots for playful cats
Boo A cute name based on the sound cats make when they’re feeling shy or scary
Bow An adorable girly name after the decoratieve bows cats love to play with
Brady An upbeat name meaning one with a large chest, perfect for big cats
Brandy Inspired by the golden brown liquor, fitting for brown cats
Brutus A solid name meaning heavy and sturdy, for a bulky cat
Bubbles An upbeat name inspired by bubbles of liquid, cute for playful cats
Buffy Meaning strong, a great name for a hardy muscular cat
Buster A fun lively name for a mischievous cat who loves to bust things
Buttercup A cheery name based on the bright flower, for a positive cat
Buttons A cute name inspired by the clasps and fasteners cats love to play with
Buzz A zippy name based on the noise bees make, fitting for busy cats
Callie Meaning beautiful, lovely for a delightful and gorgeous female cat
Casper A friendly name meaning treasurer, perfect for a helpful companion cat
Catnip Purrfect for cats who get giddy and energetic around catnip
Chairman A important sounding name for a distinguished cat who rules the house
Chaos A wild name for an unpredictably crazy and silly cat
Charmer Fitting for a delightful cat who charms everyone they meet
Chaucer Inspired by the famous writer, ideal for educated and wise cats
Checkers A fun name based on the red and black game pieces cats like to bat around
Cheddar For cats with yellowish orange fur reminiscent of the cheese
Cheshire Named after the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
Chessie A cute name based on the Chesapeake Bay area, perfect for water loving cats
Chloe A lovely fresh name meaning blooming and flourishing
Chocolate A sweet name inspired by the yummy treat cats usually can’t have
Cinder A fiery name meaning the ashes and cinders left by fire
Cinnamon Warmly spiced name perfect for orange cats with a fiery personality
Cleo Short for Cleopatra, meaning glory and famous wisdom
Cleopatra An exotic Egyptian name meaning glory of the father
Clovis A historical name meaning famous in battle, for a courageous fighter cat
Coco A cute name based on coconut or cocoa, perfect for brown or white cats
Cookie An adorable food-inspired name after the sweet treat
Copper A natural name for cats with reddish-brown fur the color of copper
Cosmo A cool futuristic name meaning order and harmony in the universe
Crackers A fun name based on the crispy baked treat cats love to munch
Cuddles An affectionate name for the sweetest, cuddliest, friendliest cat
Cupcake A super cute and sugary name inspired by the yummy dessert
Cutie A darling name for an especially adorable and endearing cat
Cyclone A blustery name for a cat who rushes around like a spinning storm
Cyrus An ancient Persian name meaning sun, nice for cats who love naps in sunshine
Daisy A cheerful floral inspired name, perfect for sweet-natured female cats
Dakota Native American name meaning friend or ally, fitting for a loyal companion cat
Dale A breezy nature name meaning valley perfect for laid-back cats
Dante An intense name meaning enduring, perfect for cats with a feisty spirit
Darwin A brainy name meaning dear friend, great for clever and companionable cats
Dash A zippy action name for fast felines who love to run and dash about
Delilah A glamorous name meaning temptress, ideal for a cat who steals your heart
Deputy A helpful name for a cat who acts as your second in command
Dewey An upbeat name meaning beloved, perfect for a treasured cat
Diamond A luxurious name inspired by the brilliant jewel
Diesel A tough name based on the strong fuel, fitting for brawny cats
Dinah A biblical name meaning God will judge, suitable for a righteous cat
Domino Inspired by the masked costume, fitting for black & white spotty cats
Donut A cute food-based name after the tasty fried dough snack with a hole
Dozer A powerful name meaning one who bulldozes, great for a forceful cat
Duchess A royal name for a graceful and noble-mannered female cat
Duffy An Irish name meaning dark or black in color
Duke A grand name meaning nobility, fitting for a majestic male cat
Dusty An earthy nature name for cats with dusty colored fur
Ebony An elegant name meaning the rich, dark wood, perfect for black cats
Eclipse A mysterious astronomical name for dark, night-loving cats
Einstein An intellectual name after the genius scientist, perfect for brainy cats
Elmer A cute old-fashioned name meaning noble and famous
Elsa A lovely name meaning pledged to God, perfect for a loyal cat
Emerald A luxurious name inspired by the glittering green gemstone
Ermine A unique name based on the small weasel-like mammal
Ezra A heroic Hebrew name meaning help or helper
Felix A happy name meaning lucky and successful in Latin
Fido A classic name meaning faithful and loyal
Figaro The famous name of the cat from Pinocchio and other stories
Finn A fun Irish name meaning fair, fitting for a light-coated cat
Fireball A blazing name for a cat that zips around like a ball of flame
Flame A fiery name for felines with burning red or orange fur
Flicker A quivering name for cats who flicker their tails excitedly
Fluffy An adorable name for cuddly cats with soft, poufy fur
Fortune A promising name meaning good luck or fortune
Francis Refined name meaning free or Frenchman, nice for proud cats
Frankie A cute playful name meaning honest and sincere
Freddie Friendly name meaning peaceful ruler, perfect for mellow cats
Freya A lovely Norse name meaning noblewoman or lady
Fritz A spunky name meaning the ruler of peace, nice for friendly cats
Frosty A wintery name for white or silver cats resembling frost
Galaxy A cosmic name for cats who are out of this world
Garfield The famous lasagna loving fat orange cat from the comics
Gem A glitzy name inspired by precious stones and gems
Geoffrey An aristocratic name meaning peaceful and divine
Ghost A spooky spectral name for mysterious cats who sneak around
Gigi A darling French nickname meaning sweetheart or darling
Ginger A spicy name for red or orange ginger-colored cats
Gizmo An electronic name for inventive and gadget-loving cats
Glitter A sparkly name for cats who glitter when they move
Goblin A cute playful Halloween-ish name for mischievous cats
Godzilla An enormous name after the giant Japanese movie monster
Goose A cute waterfowl name perfect for cats who walk funnily
Gordy A sturdy Scottish name meaning mighty warrior
Grace A lovely name meaning poise and elegance
Gracie An affectionate diminutive of Grace, meaning gracious
Gremlin A quirky impish creature name for naughty cats
Gretel A sweet German name meaning pearl, fitting for precious cats
Grey A simple color name fitting light gray cats, or Earl Grey tea
Grizzly A rugged name meaning a large bear, perfect for hefty cats
Groucho Inspired by the witty Marx brother, perfect for silly cats
Grumpy A cute ironic name for the most docile and sweet-tempered cat
Gumdrop A cute candy-inspired name for a sweet cat
Gus A quirky name meaning outstanding, perfect for exceptional cats
Gypsy An exotic name for adventurous world traveling wanderer cats
Hamilton An aristocratic name meaning from the high town
Harley An outdoorsy name meaning from the hare meadow
Harriet A distinguished vintage name meaning the ruler of the home
Harry A gentlemanly classic meaning the ruler or leader of the home
Hazel A lovely nature name referring to the hazelnut tree
Heathcliff Named for the mysterious hero of Wuthering Heights
Heisenberg Inspired by the Nobel prize winning physicist
Hennessy Irish name meaning ruler of the home overlooking the island
Henry A kingly German name meaning ruler of the home
Hercules The powerful name of the Greek mythological hero
Hershey A sweet name inspired by the iconic chocolate bar brand
Hobbes Philosophical name based on the cartoon tiger Calvin and Hobbes
Holly A festive name based on the Christmas shrub with red berries
Honey A sweet name inspired by the golden nectar
Hoover Inspired by the vacuum brand, fitting for cats who scour crumbs
Hopper A bouncy name for energetic cats who love to hop and skip
Icee A frosty fun name based on the frozen icy drink
Ichabod A spooky name from the legend of Sleepy Hollow meaning no glory
Inky An adorable name for completely black cats resembling ink
Isis An exotic Egyptian goddess name, regal for a revered cat
Ivan A bold Russian version of the name John meaning God is gracious
Ivy A cute climbing plant name for cats who love to scale heights
Izzy A spunky name derived from Isabel meaning God’s promise
Jack A perennial favorite meaning God is gracious
Jake A variation of Jacob meaning supplanter, ideal for sly cats
Jasper A precious name inspired by the ornamental gemstone
Jax A cool short form of Jackson meaning God has been gracious
Jazz A hip name based on the spirited music genre
Jinx A superstitious name for unfortunate black cats
Joey A cute unisex name meaning God increases
Joker Inspired by Batman’s nemesis, fitting for mischievous cats
Jupiter The powerful name of the largest planet
Kanga Named after the cuddly mom kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh
Karma A spiritual name meaning fate based on past actions
Katniss An adventurous name based on the heroine of The Hunger Games
Kiwi An exotic fruit or bird inspired name, cute for brown or green cats
Klondike Inspired by the Alaskan Gold Rush, great for seekers and explorers
Koda A Native American name meaning little bear or ally
Lady An elegant and noble name for a regal female cat
Leo A lion-inspired name, fierce for courageous cats
Lexi Meaning defender of man, perfect for cats who protect their home
Lilac A pretty floral inspired name for cats with light purple or blue fur
Lilly A sweet girly name meaning pure and innocent
Lioness A brave feminine name for a bold and courageous she-cat
Little One An affectionate name for a small or youngest kitten
Lizzy A cute diminutive of Elizabeth meaning God’s promise
Loki Named after the Norse god known for being a trickster
Lola A cheerful name meaning lady or princess
London An urban sophisticated name after the English capital city
Lucky A promising name for a fortunate cat who brings good luck
Luna An elegant moon goddess name for night-loving cats
Mac A cute Scottish short form of Macintosh meaning son of
Macy An confident name meaning weapon or warrior
Magic A mystical name for fantastical cats who cast a magical spell
Maggie A lovable nickname for Margaret meaning pearl
Mango A sweet tropical fruit inspired name
Maple A natural name based on the tree with vivid red leaves
Marble A pretty name inspired by the smooth spherical stone
Marshmallow A soft and fluffy name perfect for cuddly cats
Marty A clever variation of Mars meaning warlike and strong
Max A great name meaning greatest or the best
Maya A mystical name meaning water in Hebrew
Midnight A bewitching name for totally black cats of the night
Mikko A cute Finnish version of Michael meaning gift from God
Millie A darling name meaning gentle strength or determination
Mimi A sweet name derived from Mary meaning imitator
Minka An unusual name meaning resolute and unwavering
Minnie A cute vintage nickname meaning rebellion or bitter
Minty A refreshing plant inspired name for cats with cool personalities
Missy A sassy variation of Melissa meaning bee in Greek
Mittens An adorable name inspired by the cute kitten accessories
Mocha A delicious name based on a chocolatey coffee drink
Molly A cheerful Irish name meaning bitter or rebellious
Momo A cute foodie name based on a sweet peach
Monet An artsy name after the great French impressionist painter
Moneypenny Inspired by James Bond’s witty secretary
Monty A lovable name meaning high town, perfect for refined cats
Moose A brawny name after the gigantic deer mammal
Morpheus The exotic Greek god of dreams, fitting for sleepy cats
Muffin An irresistibly cute food-based name
Mulan Named after the brave ancient Chinese warrior woman
Natasha A graceful Russian name meaning birthday or born on Christmas
Nemo A Disney fish name meaning no one in Latin
Neo A cool futuristic name meaning new, from The Matrix
Nibbles An adorable name for a cat who gently nibbles when playing
Nico A upbeat name of Greek origin meaning victory of the people
Ninja A stealthy name for agile, sneaky cats who sneak around
Nova A cosmic name meaning new, fitting for newest additions
Nutmeg A warm spicy name inspired by the fragrant seed
Nyx Named after the powerful Greek goddess of the night
Ollie A lively name meaning elf army, perfect for active cats
Onyx An elegant name inspired by the gleaming black gemstone
Opal A magical name based on the shimmering rainbow gem
Oreo A treat-inspired name after the classic cookie sandwich
Oscar A dignified name meaning spear of the gods
Otis A cool retro name meaning wealth or prosperity
Panda An adorable name based on the black and white bear
Parsley A fresh herb-inspired name, cute for cats who nibble plants
Peaches A sweet juicy name inspired by the fuzzy fruit
Peanut An energetic name based on the nut packed with protein
Pearl A luminous name inspired by the iridescent gem
Pebbles A cute name based on the small stones, fitting for petite cats
Pepper A spicy name inspired by the black, white or red seasoning
Phoebe A cheerful name from Greek myth meaning bright and shining
Pickles A sour name based on the crunchy pickled cucumbers
Pikachu The iconic yellow electric mouse Pokémon
Pixie A magical sprite-inspired name
Plato An educated name based on the ancient Greek philosopher
Pluto The powerful name of the dwarf planet and Roman god
Pookie An adorable cutesy name for a beloved pet
Poppy A vibrant red flower inspired name
Precious A treasured name for your most cherished kitty cat
Prince Regal name for a majestic male cat who rules the home
Pumpkin A cute autumnal name inspired by the bright orange squash
Quincy A preppy name meaning estate of the fifth son
Raisin A wrinkly name inspired by the shriveled dried grape
Rambo A brawny name based on the adventure movie hero
Raven A sleek name inspired by the glossy black bird
Rex A kingly name meaning king in Latin
Ripley An sci-fi name after the heroine of the Alien films
Ritz A ritzy name inspired by luxury and glamour
Rocky A solid name meaning stone, fitting for sturdy cats
Romeo A romantic name inspired by Shakespeare’s iconic lover
Rosie A cheery vintage name based on the rose flower
Rudy A famous wolf name, great for cats who howl and prowl
Rufus A funky name meaning red haired, perfect for orange cats
Runt An ironic name meaning small, ideal for tiny cats
Sabrina A magical bewitching name meaning princess
Sally A sweet classic name meaning princess or lady
Samson A strong biblical name meaning sun child
Sandy A cute gender neutral name meaning defender of man
Sapphire A precious name inspired by the deep blue gem
Sassy A spirited name for a cat with attitude
Saturn A cosmic name after the ringed planet
Scooter A zippy name for speedy cats who scoot around
Scout An adventurous name meaning to explore
Sebastian A refined name meaning venerable and respected
Shadow A sleek name for cats who follow you like a shadow
Sheba An exotic name meaning from Sheba
Shelby A Southern name meaning estate on a ledge
Sherlock A clever name based on the famous fictional detective
Simba The majestic name of the lion king from the Disney movie
Skittles A fun candy-inspired name based on the colorful treats
Smokey A hazy name perfect for gray or black cats
Snickers Inspired by the popular chocolate candy bar
Socks A cute name based on the fluffy foot garments
Sooty A fitting name for black cats resembling soot
Sox A variation of Socks inspired by fuzzy foot coverings
Sparta An formidable Greek city state name
Sparky A spunky name for energetic and exuberant cats
Sphinx A mysterious name based on the mythical creature
Splat A messy playful name for mischievous cats
Spooky A haunting name perfect for black cats
Spot A dotted name inspired by spots and speckles
Sprinkles A sweet name based on the colorful cake decorations
Star A celestial name perfect for cats who shine
Stardust A dreamy cosmic inspired name
Stormy A blustery name for temperamental, lively cats
Sugar A delightful sweet name inspired by the granulated sweetener
Sultan A regal name meaning ruler in Arabic
Sunny A bright cheery name for cats with sunny dispositions
Sunset A peaceful name referencing the evening sky
Sweetpea A charming name based on the fragrant climbing flower
Tigger Inspired by the bouncy tiger from Winnie the Pooh
Tinkerbell Named after Peter Pan’s magical fairy sidekick
Toast A cute breakfast-inspired name
Toby An adorable name meaning God is good
Tofu A cute name inspired by the soft soy food
Tom A classic name meaning twin brother
Topaz A golden name based on the yellow gemstone
Toulouse A artsy French city name perfect for creative cats
Trouble A mischievous name for naughty, chaotic cats
Truffle A decadent name inspired by the prized chocolate candy
Tubbie An adorable name meaning chubby one
Tuxedo A classy name based on the black and white formal suit
Twinkie A sweet name inspired by the cream-filled snack cake
Twinkle A darling name meaning little sparkle
Twizzler A cute name based on the twisted red licorice candy
Velour A plush name inspired by the lush soft fabric
Velvet A luxurious name based on the smooth silky fabric
Veronica An elegant name meaning true image
Voodoo A bewitching name linked to folk magic practices
Waffles A delightful name inspired by the honeycomb breakfast dish
Waldo A quirky name meaning powerful ruler, fitting for mighty cats
Walt A distinguished name meaning ruler of the army
Whiskers A cute name based on a cat’s sensitive tactile hairs
Wiggles A wiggly name for cats who can’t sit still
Winky An adorable name for cats who slowly blink their eyes
Wolfgang A refined musical name meaning traveling wolf
Yoda A wise name based on the Jedi master from Star Wars
Yoyo A bouncy name inspired by the toy on a string
Yum Yum A tasty name for cats who love to eat
Zeus A mighty Greek name after the powerful king of gods
Ziggy A zippy name for active cats who zig zag around
Zoe A graceful name from Greek meaning life
Zombie A supernatural name based on the undead creatures
Zorro Inspired by the crafty masked outlaw fox from books and film

I assume you must be suffering on a this-list-is-too-big-for-me-to-make-decision. I believe you can, and shall confident stay with you lol.