13 Signs a Cat Likes You

Figuring out what your cat thinks about you can be very hard when you don’t know what to look for. Lookout for the signs a cat likes you to understand your cat’s subtle love cues. Felines have many ways of showing affection it up to you to learn them.
Signs a Cat Likes You

Unlike dogs, cats don’t show their feelings and thoughts so often. Felines are aloof and mysterious. So, it can be hard figuring out what a cat is thinking or feeling. But is there any way of knowing how she feels about you? Are there any signs a cat likes you that you should be looking out for?

Of course there are! Cats use subtle signs to show affection towards their owners. And it is up to you to observe carefully and look for these signs. But figuring out your cat’s tells can be a hard thing to do, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

13 Common Signs a Cat Likes You

To help you understand how your cat feels about you, we compiled a list of signs which indicate that your cat likes you.

Next time you see a cat exhibiting one of these behaviors, you know it’s one of the signs a cat likes you and how much she appreciates having you as an owner.

Sign 1: Getting Head Buts and Cheek Rubs from the Cat

If you see a cat coming at you with her head cocked, be prepared to receive a head but. Although it doesn’t sound pleasant, this is a cat’s equivalent of a hug.

By head-butting you, your cat is mixing her scent with yours and deepening your bond.

Cheek rubs work almost in the same fashion as well. If you notice your cat circling around your legs, try extending your hand near her head. The cat will rub her head on your knuckles transferring pheromone and marking you as hers.

Sign 2: Loud Purrs When You Are Nearby

The steady and loud rumble that cats emit as they inhale and exhale air, is closely associated with contentment.

Cats can purr for all sorts of reasons. But a loud purr when you are near, is one of the signs a cat likes you.

Sign 3: The Tip of Her Tail is Twitching

A lot can be learned about the cat just by observing her tail. For example, cats puff out their tails when there are scared or agitated.

Similarly, if the tip of the cat’s tail is twitching, it means that she is really happy. A twitching tail, while your cat is approaching you, is a clear sign that she likes you.

Sign 4: Kneading You with Her Paws

Kittens knead their mothers to stimulate milk production. Experts think that kneading behavior is a way a cat relives happy childhood memories.

Kneading is also closely related with the sense of security. So, the next time your cat kneads you with her paws you will know for certain that she adores you.

Looking sleepily at you and slowly blinking, is one of the signs a cat likes you. It means that she is sending you a kiss. This is an ultimate sign of love, so don’t expect to receive kisses from just any cat.

Once your cat sends you a kiss, blink right back at her and show her that you are aware of her feelings.

Sign 6: The Cat Licks Your Hair and Ears

Cats groom each other as a way of showing affection and friendship. So, if your cat starts to groom you, rest assured that you are in her inner circle.

This behavior means that she trusts you and considers you a close companion. Not something that should be taken lightly!

Sign 7: Following You Everywhere

You may dream of days when you could go to the bathroom without your cat or taking a few steps without her being underfoot.

However, being close to you is your cat’s way of showing that she is interested in you and your actions. It is also a sign that your cat won’t leave your side no matter what.

Sign 8: Bringing You Nice (Dead!) Gifts

When imagining presents, tastefully arranged dead rodents aren’t the first things that come to mind.

But in a cat’s eyes bringing dead gifts is a sign of highest esteem. A present like this is a definite sign a cat likes you and that she considers you a part of her family.

Sign 9: Gentle Bites from the Kitty

One of the lesser known signs of a cat’s fondness of it’s people, is occasional gentle nibbling or biting. Some cats will gently bite people they love.

You shouldn’t confuse the gentle nibbling with a painful real bite. The nibble is completely painless and a sign that your cat sees you as a real friend.

Sign 10: Exposing Her Belly

A cat’s stomach is it’s most vulnerable spot. By showing you her belly, the cat is telling that you are a trustworthy person in her eyes. She isn’t afraid of exposing her most vulnerable state to you.

And if a cat allows you to pet her belly, it is a sign that she feels loved and protected.

Sign 11: Sleeping Under the Covers with You

Cats love to take long naps. And the place they choose to rest is kind of more important and strategic than you might think. Since felines are most vulnerable when they sleep, they choose a place that they feel will be safe for them.

So, you should be very honored if your cat decides to cozy up with you in your bed. It’s a clear sign that the cat likes you and feels safe and protected with you around.

Sign 12: Likes Always Being Around You

Many cat breeds show discomfort and animosity towards strangers by simply exiting the room. Your cat may not be overly affectionate or even paying attention to you.

But if she is always in the same room as you, it means that she likes and values your company.

Sign 13: Greets You at the Front Door

Usually, dogs are the ones who ecstatically greet their owners by the front doors.

But cats are also known to show this kind of affection. Waiting patiently by the front door for you to return home, it is surely one of the signs a cat likes you and is very happy to see you.


With their poker faces and aloof nature, cats are definitely hard to read creatures. While dogs show love with wagging tails, slimy licks and happy faces, cats use more subtle signs to communicate.

Start paying closer attention to your cat’s behavior and you will surely notice one or more of the above 13 signs a cat likes you. And when that happens, you can be sure that your kitty loves you as much as you love her.

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