Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat is one of the smallest cat breeds easily recognizable for its large eyes and ears and stunning coat. This is an affectionate cat that likes being close to its owner and will demand attention. These cats get along with everyone and love having someone to play with all the time.
Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat Characteristics (Quick Facts)

Size: Small. Average body.

Intelligence: High.

Exercise Needs: Needs no exercise.

Ability to Adapt: High. Adjusts quickly.

Shedding: Low shedding.

Average Lifespan: From 11-15 years.

Price: From $800 to $2000.

Weight: From 4-8 lbs.

Playfulness: Through the roof!

Social Skills: Good with children & other pets.

Need for Grooming: Once a week.

Health: Very good. Minor health issues.

Hypoallergenic?: No.

The Singapura Cat is the smallest cat breed in the world. It has unusually large eyes and ears. Despite being tiny, the Singapura has a well-muscled and stocky body. They have short and thick necks, heavily muscled legs, small paws, and slender tails.

Their heads are rounded with a definite whisker break and broad muzzles. The large slightly pointed and deeply cupped ears and large almond-shaped eyes are the traits this breed is famous for.

This is a lively, friendly, and energetic breed that forms strong bonds with its owners. These cats like to be involved in all family activities and will hitch a ride on your shoulder. They like meeting new people and are well suited for life with other pets.

Being a social breed, the Singapura doesn’t like being left alone and prefers to always have company.

Where Did Singapura Cat Breed Originate?

Singapura is a naturally occurring breed found in Singapore. These cats lived on the streets where they were known locally from 1965.

Little is known about the exact origin of these small, brown-ticked cats. The story of the breed as we know it today began in 1975 when it was discovered by American cat fanciers.

After working in Singapore, Tommy and Hal Meadow returned to the US with three local brown-ticked cats. These three cats were the male and female kittens, a pair from the same litter, and another young female. They were used to establish the breed we now call Singapura.

In 1981 another breeder visited Singapore and came across a cat that looked like a Singapura except for the tail which was shorter.

This cat was found in a local animal shelter and was imported to the US and placed into the breeding program. However, the origins of the breed were the subject of some controversy.

In 1987, a breeder Jerry Mayes discovered importation papers that showed that the three founding cats were taken into Singapore from the US.

Furthermore, these cats were registered as Abyssinians at import certificates. That led some people to believe that Singapura is a cross between Burmese and Abyssinian Cats.

However, the Cat Fanciers Association investigated all the claims and found no wrongdoings. Thus, the Singapura kept its natural breed status.

The International Cat Association recognized this breed in 1979 and the Cat Fanciers Association gave the breed full recognition in 1988. Nowadays, the Singapura is recognized by all major cat registries.

Furthermore, in 1990, the Singapore Tourism Board proclaimed the breed as the nation’s travel mascot.

What Does the Singapura Cat Look Like?

The Singapura has a small body, short thick neck, heavily muscled legs, and small oval paws. Their tails are slightly shorter than their bodies and end in a blunt tip. The rounded head has a definite whisker break and a broad muzzle.

Traits that distinguish this breed are its large eyes and ears. The deeply cupped ears are slightly pointed, and the large almond-shaped eyes come in green, gold, hazel, and copper color.

Their short and glossy coat comes in only one color that is called sepia agouti.

Being the smallest breed of domestic cats the Singapura should be small in size. However, they have well-muscled and stocky bodies and aren’t fragile at all.

Singapura Cat Colors

Besides their large eyes and ears, Singapuras are also easily recognizable thanks to their sepia-colored coat.

The coat comes in only sepia agouti color which is described as dark brown ticking on a warm old ivory base color. The breed pattern is ticked tabby and every individual hair possess alternating bands of darker and lighter color.

Singapura Cat Personality Traits

This is a highly energetic and playful breed that forms strong attachments to its owners. Hence, your Singapura will love to follow you around and will even jump on your shoulders. They like to be involved in all family activities and are always close by.

This attention-seeking cat will nag until you leave everything to give her a rub or a cuddle.

The Singapura likes to jump and observe her surroundings from the highest point in your home. Therefore, your cat will climb curtains or jump from one bookshelf to the other.

To keep your cat off your furniture, get her a cat tree that will give her a chance to look over her domain. Being a curious and mischievous cat, the Singapura will use your belongings as her playthings. Hence, all trinkets and jewelry that is left unsupervised will end up in your cat’s paws.

To prevent these petty thefts, pique your cat’s interest with a variety of cat toys.

These cats enjoy meeting new people and love to bask in the attention they receive. Despite being overly energetic and playful, the Singapura makes an affectionate companion. Thus, these cats are sensitive to their owners mood changes and will offer support when you are feeling blue.

They also make excellent bed warmers and will sleep soundly with you under the covers. When Singapura isn’t chasing after catnip toys it will sit in your lap and enjoy being petted.

Due to their attention-seeking and social nature, these cats don’t like being left at home alone. So, get a Singapura only if you have ample time to devote to this needy feline.


This is a confident, curious, and playful cat that likes to be in your face and involved in everything you do. Hence, if you are looking for a calm companion, don’t get a Singapura!

Although very small, the Singapura has larger than life temperament and can be energetic and offer support when you need it. This mischievous and busy cat loves people and won’t have troubles interacting with guests and strangers.

Singapura Cat Behavior

This breed rarely develops any behavioral problems if it gets all the attention and affection it seeks. Otherwise, it can become depressed or develop separation anxiety.

Thus, consider if you can devote yourself and your time to this needy feline. If you aren’t, you should look for a less people-oriented cat breed.

Are Singapura Cats Adaptable to New Surroundings?

The Singapura is a highly adaptable breed. These cats love meeting new people and know how to behave in new situations. Generally, as long as your cat is getting your full attention it will have no troubles adjusting to a new home.

This is a highly energetic and active cat that likes being busy. Keep your cat exercised and entertained with a laser pointer. And when you aren’t around, make sure that your Singapura has plenty of toys at her disposal that will keep her away from your valuables.

If provided with lots of toys your cat will know how to stay in shape. However, 15-minute play sessions are a must if you want to meet your cat’s high social needs.

Does It Get Along with Children and Other Pets?

The social and energetic Singapura makes a great addition to homes with children. Being a highly playful breed, your Singapura won’t tire easily while chasing after wool balls. These active cats love to receive attention and enjoy playing with kids who can match their energy levels.

They get along with other pets too and won’t mind having company. However, be aware that this is an attention seeking cat that won’t appreciate being left out from cuddling sessions. You need to find ways to pet all your pets at the same time to prevent jealousy fits.

The Singapura is a highly energetic cat that can spend hours playing with puzzle toys. These cats remain playful well into their adulthood and need a lot of toys to stay content. Hence, keep your cat occupied with an activity center and play with her every day for at least 15 minutes.

General Health and Potential Risks

The Singapura is a generally healthy breed. However, it was recently discovered that these cats are prone to an enzyme deficiency that causes anemia.

This doesn’t mean that your cat will be affected. Still, it is better to know about this condition before you bring a cat home.

  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Is an inherited genetic disease that is caused by an enzyme deficiency. The lack of this enzyme impairs the ability of blood cells to metabolize and causes anemia and other blood-related problems. Symptoms include anemia, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, etc. Currently, the only treatment available includes bone marrow transplantation. Untreated cats usually die by the age of four because of marrow or liver failure. Test for this condition is available. Thus, make sure your cat has been tested and cleared.

Singapura Cat Lifespan

The Singapura has an average lifespan of 11-15 years. Being a healthy breed, the Singapura can live even longer with proper care.

To prevent any blood-related issues, check with a breeder if your cat has been tested for PKD. If not, ask the breeder to perform the test and wait for the results before you bring the cat home.

Grooming Needs

The Singapura’s short and smooth coat is very easy to maintain. Brush your cat once a week with a grooming glove to remove loose hairs and debris.

Regular brushing will distribute skin oils properly and make the coat shiny. Additionally, your cat will enjoy the extra attention and associate brushing with petting.

Singapura Cat Shedding

This is a low shedding breed, and weekly brushing will minimize the amount of hair you have to vacuum from your furniture and floors.

In this section, we answer frequently asked questions about the Singapura. Read on to learn more about this people-oriented and fun breed!

How Much is Singapura Cat Price?

The exact price of a Singapura kitten will depend on a breeder and several other factors. Generally, you can expect to pay from $800 to $2000 for a purebred cat.

However, the price can additionally rise if you are looking for a show quality kitten with a distinguished bloodline and markings.

How Big Do Singapura Cats Get?

As with all other cat breeds, males are larger and weight from 6-8 pounds. Females are just slightly smaller and weigh from 4-6 pounds.

The Singapura is a small but stocky cat. Therefore, their weight needs to be properly managed with a high protein wet cat food. Make sure that you feed your cat according to her age and activity level to prevent obesity.

Are Singapura Cats Hypoallergenic?

Although the Singapura is a low shedding breed, no evidence suggests that it is any less allergenic than a common cat. Thus, you may need to reconsider getting one if you or any of your family members suffer from allergies.

Are Singapura Cats Rare?

The Singapura remains a rare cat. Since they are considered to be a natural breed, crossbreeding is forbidden, and only Singapura to Singapura mating is allowed. Furthermore, the average litter has only two to three kittens.

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