Spotlight The 4 Cat Breeds That Start With A

There are so many amazing cat breeds in the feline world that start with the letter A. From the elegant Abyssinian to the uniquely eared American Curl, A-name breeds showcase a diverse range of appearances and personalities. Let’s explore over a dozen of these marvelous cat breeds beginning with A to appreciate everything that makes them special.


With its distinctive ticked coat and muscular build, the Abyssinian is truly one of a kind. Believed to originate from ancient Egypt, images resembling today’s Abys have been found in hieroglyphic paintings. Now a popular shorthair breed worldwide, the Abyssinian has a distinctly wild appearance.

The medium-length coat comes in colors of ruddy, red, fawn, and blue/silver and features bands of color known as ticking. Abys have tall ears, powerful legs, and slender tails. Beyond their beauty, Abys have energetic, curious personalities. They thrive when provided climbing towers, puzzles, and playtime. Despite their wild looks, Abys adore being with their families.


  • Lifespan: 9-15 years
  • Personality: Energetic, playful, intelligent. Curious and enjoys heights. Deeply bonds with family.
  • Coat: Medium length ticked coat in ruddy, red, fawn, blue/silver. Requires minimal grooming.
  • Size: Medium, 6-10 lbs. Elegant, muscular foreign body type.

For those looking for a strikingly beautiful cat that also has a wildly playful spirit, the Abyssinian is a perfect choice.

Fun Fact:

The Abyssinian is believed to be one of the oldest cat breeds, depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork dating back thousands of years.


Native to the Greek islands, the Aegean Cat has humble beginnings from street cats but plenty of modern devotees. Medium-sized with a semi-long silky coat, Aegeans often resemble Turkish Angoras. However, they have more substantial bone structure. Aegeans come in all colors and patterns, often with dazzling blue or odd-colored eyes.

Beyond their physical appeal, Aegeans have friendly, social personalities. They thrive when they can interact with their families and love games or learning tricks. Aegeans tend to bond most strongly with one person. Despite seeming aloof around strangers, these cats shower their families with affection.


  • Lifespan: 9-12 years
  • Personality: Affectionate and attached to family, can be wary around strangers. Playful and enjoys interactive games/toys.
  • Coat: Semi-long silky coat in all colors/patterns. Requires weekly brushing.
  • Size: Medium, 6-11 lbs. Sturdy, muscular foreign build.

For those who appreciate uncommon breeds with delightful personalities, the Aegean makes a wonderful devoted companion.

Fun Fact:

Unlike Turkish Angoras, some Aegean cats have startling odd-eyed colors like gold and blue.

American Bobtail

With its wild appearance and naturally bobbed tail, the American Bobtail resembles a lynx or bobcat. Originating from a mutation in domestic shorthairs, this breed was established in the late 1960s and has been gaining popularity worldwide since. American Bobtails come in all colors and have medium-length double coats.

Despite their rugged looks, American Bobtails have outgoing, friendly personalities. They often possess a high level of intelligence and energy requiring interactive play and stimulation. American Bobtails bond deeply to their families and thrive when they can participate in activities. They also get along well with other pets when properly socialized.


  • Lifespan: 11-15 years
  • Personality: Intelligent, energetic, bonds strongly with family. Friendly towards other pets when socialized.
  • Coat: Medium-length, straight, dense double coat that is weather-resistant. All colors and patterns.
  • Size: Medium to large, 7-16 lbs. Muscular body with naturally bobbed tail.

With its wild yet loving spirit, the American Bobtail makes an exceptional family companion.

Fun Fact:

The American Bobtail’s stubby tail is caused by a natural genetic mutation that shortens the tailbone, similar to a rabbit.

American Curl

Instantly recognizable for their unique curled ears, American Curls capture attention wherever they go. Originating in California in the 1980s, American Curls come in longhair and shorthair varieties. Beyond the curled ears, they have an elegant, graceful build. Their coat comes in all colors and patterns.

Despite their elegance, American Curls retain kitten-like energy and curiosity throughout adulthood. They are highly intelligent and enjoy playing games, learning tricks, or solving puzzles. American Curls bond strongly with their families and thrive when they receive ample attention and interaction.


  • Lifespan: 12-16 years
  • Personality: Playful, energetic, intelligent. Bonds deeply with family. Enjoys games and learning tricks.
  • Coat: Short or long coat, all coat lengths/colors/patterns. Low shedding.
  • Size: Medium-sized, 5-10 lbs. Graceful, elegant build.

With their unique ears and lively personality, it’s easy to be enchanted by the American Curl. When provided proper care and company, they make exceptionally devoted companions.

Fun Fact: The American Curl’s curled ears are produced by a dominant gene mutation that affects the cartilage.

American Ringtail

With its vivid markings and ringed tail, the American Ringtail has a striking appearance resembling a small wildcat. In fact, they were bred to replicate the extinct Egyptian Ringtail Cat sacred to the Egyptian Mau. American Ringtails have muscular foreign-type bodies and lush medium-length coats. Their eyes are almond-shaped.

Energetic and acrobatic, the American Ringtail loves to climb and play. Puzzles, interactive toys, and cat trees are essential for this bright, curious breed. They are highly observant and like being up high to survey their surroundings. Despite seeming aloof initially, American Ringtails form close bonds once trust is earned.


  • Lifespan: 15-20 years
  • Personality: Energetic, observant, intelligent. Cautious around strangers but bonds strongly over time.
  • Coat: Medium-length luxurious coat with vivid markings. Low shedding.
  • Size: Medium, 6-10 lbs. Lithe and muscular. Tail with dark rings.

For those seeking an active breed with a bit of mystery, the eye-catching American Ringtail fits the bill and makes a devoted companion.

Fun Fact:

The American Ringtail’s wild appearance comes from combining the Desert Lynx and Egyptian Mau breeds.

American Shorthair

One of America’s earliest recognized native breeds, the American Shorthair has been present since colonial times as prized mouse hunters. They have muscular bodies, round heads, and medium-length coats that come in over 80 colors/patterns. The overall impression is one of strength and longevity.

Beneath their rugged exterior, American Shorthairs have adaptable, easygoing personalities. They thrive as both indoor lap cats and agile outdoor hunters. American Shorthairs bond devotedly with their families while still remaining confident around strangers. This is an exceptionally versatile breed.


  • Lifespan: 15-20 years
  • Personality: Adaptable, confident, devoted to family. Excellent hunters but also enjoy being lap cats. Intelligent and playful.
  • Coat: Short to medium dense coat, sheds seasonally. Comes in all colors and patterns.
  • Size: Medium to large, 7-12 lbs. Sturdy, powerful muscular build.

The American Shorthair’s well-rounded personality and hardy health have helped this All-American breed remain popular for generations, whether as a family companion or working hunter.

Fun Fact:

For over a century, the American Shorthair was considered America’s only native pedigreed breed until the Maine Coon was established.

American Wirehair

Similar to the American Shorthair but with a wiry coat, the American Wirehair originated as a spontaneous mutation in upstate New York in the 1960s. Their defining trait remains their crimped, wiry, dense fur reminiscent of steel wool that comes in all colors and patterns. Most American Wirehairs also have erect ear tufts.

Though their coat appears harsh, American Wirehairs have endearing personalities. They are moderately active cats that enjoy playtime mixed with lounging beside their favorite people. This is an easygoing breed that adapts well to new situations. American Wirehairs tend to be especially devoted to one family member.


  • Lifespan: 14-18 years
  • Personality: Adaptable, easygoing, devoted to family. Moderately active with spurts of energy. Affectionate yet independent.
  • Coat: Short, extremely dense, crimped, and wiry. Low shedding. All colors/patterns.
  • Size: Medium-sized, 8-13 lbs. Well-muscled moderate build.

For those who appreciate sturdy, sharp-looking cats, the American Wirehair’s unique coat and adaptable nature provide the complete package.

Fun Fact:

The Wirehair’s springy coat is caused by a dominant gene mutation that creates bent hair shafts resembling wires.

Arabian Mau

With its wild yet friendly nature, the Arabian Mau brings the look of the desert to domestic homes. Arabian Maus resemble miniature cheetahs with their spotted coat and ringed tails. Their bodies are smaller and more lithe than the more common Egyptian Mau. This is an active breed requiring ample exercise and playtime.

Despite their untamed appearance, Arabian Maus have sweet, loyal personalities when raised properly. They form close bonds and enjoy being with their families. An Arabian Mau will often attach strongly to one main caretaker. This breed needs early socialization to nurture their friendly nature.


  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Personality: Active and energetic. Bonds deeply with family. Can be shy or aloof around strangers without early socialization.
  • Coat: Short spotted or marbled coat. Minimal grooming required.
  • Size: Small, 5-10 lbs. Delicate, graceful build. Tail with dark rings.

For experienced cat owners, the Arabian Mau’s exotic nature and sweet loyalty make them a marvelous breed.

Fun Fact:

The Arabian Mau was registered as a new breed in the 2000s after being developed in Italy from Egyptian Maus and local Arabian cats.


As their name suggests, the Asian cat breed originated from Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia. They have medium-length sleek coats that can come in a rainbow of colors and patterns: solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, and so on. This is an ancient landrace breed prized for their hunting skills and companionship.

While reserved around strangers, Asian cats bond intensely with their families. They tend to choose one special person and become highly devoted to them. Asians are energetic, intelligent cats that enjoy feats of agility and skill during playtime. Keeping this active breed engaged is key.


  • Lifespan: 9-12 years
  • Personality: Energetic, devoted to family, intelligent. Wary with strangers but bonds deeply with family. Enjoys skill toys and agility play.
  • Coat: Medium-short silky coat in all colors/patterns. Low shedding.
  • Size: Medium, 6-11 lbs. Lithe, muscular foreign build.

For those seeking an athletic breed that excels at both hunting skills and human companionship, the Asian is an ideal choice.

Fun Fact:

The Asian is thought to share lineage with the ancient Temple Cats of Burma and Thailand.

Asian Semi-Longhair

Sometimes called the Tiffanie, the Asian Semi-Longhair originated near the Burmese border in Thailand centuries ago. They are a natural landrace breed prized for their devotion and hunting abilities. Asian Semi-Longhairs have semi-long silky coats with almost no undercoat. This makes their coat low maintenance compared to Persians or other longhairs.

Asian Semi-longhair (Tiffany/Tiffanie) Cat Info, History, Personality ...

While docile and mellow with their families, Asian Semi-Longhairs tend to be reserved with strangers. They are observant, thoughtful cats that make excellent judges of character and form strong bonds once trust is established. Their energy level is moderate and they enjoy both playtime and naps.


  • Lifespan: 9-15 years
  • Personality: Devoted and mellow with family. Observant and selective with strangers. Moderate energy levels.
  • Coat: Semi-long silky coat with almost no undercoat. Low shedding and maintenance. All colors and patterns.
  • Size: Medium, 5-9 lbs. Foreign build with muscular base.

For those seeking a loyal companion with more flowing locks than a shorthair provides, the Asian Semi-Longhair is perfect.

Fun Fact:

Unlike Western longhairs, the Asian Semi-Longhair has almost no undercoat, resulting in minimal grooming requirements.

Australian Mist

Hailing from Australia, the Australian Mist has a stunning spotted coat reminiscent of wildcats. They were first bred in the 1970s by crossing Burmese, Abyssinians, and domestic shorthairs to produce their distinctive ticked, spotted, or marbled patterns. Beyond their coat, Australian Mists have moderately stocky bodies and round heads.

Despite their untamed appearance, Australian Mists have charming personalities. They are laidback, gentle cats that enjoy human companionship. Australian Mists love lounging beside their favorite people and playing gently with children. They adapt well to new situations and get along with other pets. Overall, this breed has balanced energy and temperament.


  • Lifespan: 9-15 years
  • Personality: Laidback, gentle, enjoys human interaction. Gets along well with children and other pets. Adaptable nature.
  • Coat: Short dense coat with spotted, ticked, or marbled patterns in browns, greys, and tans.
  • Size: Medium-sized, 6-11 lbs. Moderately stocky build.

With its exotic coat and easygoing personality, the Australian Mist makes an exceptional companion cat from the land down under.

From the wild Abyssinian to the uniquely eared American Curl, A-name cat breeds showcase delightful diversity. Their shared trait is forming devoted bonds when provided proper care and understanding. There is truly an A-name breed for every lover of feline companionship.